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Pokémon Quartz #1

Okay, pretty standard opening for a game/hack…

Huh!? “Boar”…? I don’t speak Spanish but I don’t think Boar means anything relevant…

What is that riding on the turkey-thing’s back!?

It’s… it’s kind of like Kyogre, with all the coolness removed.

It’s a… slime-prostitute?

Wow… early incarnations of Sack-Boy are really disappointing, eh?

O_o I don’t think that’s a font, do you?

Seems like the best option, doesn’t it?

Ahhhh! You just appeared out of the shadows! Sorcerer!

O-okay sure… Mr. Sorcerer…

That doesn’t sound like a real town, are you making this up?

Hmmm… a little self-insertion, eh? 😉
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before in my life, Mr. Baro-Sorcerer…

That sounds just like a random word, I’m sure we have not met before you popped out of the shadows at me…

See! Another random word! You’re crazy, Baro-Sorcerer. And why do you have a pig-monstrosity?

So that’s what that pig is… still doesn’t explain why it’s here or why it’s so ugly…

That’s one Sorcerer’s opinion…

Lovely!? And we use them? I’m even less comfortable around you than I was before, Mr. Baro-Sorcerer.

I’m just a tad more comfortable… But still, why should I be allowed to use these to fight my friends to death, but not my enemies?

Is that supposed to make sense, like really? Y’know what a real mystery is? Where you came from and how you got here!

So you aren’t going to leave yet?

Tell me what? O_o

Well, now’s the moment of truth, PC!





And what is our name? Seven characters only, remember.

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