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Pokémon Quartz #10

Well, I guess I’d better take care of business in here, eh? 

Well that… that… is definitely something. (I think?)

I’d like to see someone strapping that around their neck, and not having people find it amiss…

I’m unoriginal!

Hello rock.

I could… just climb it… or jump it maybe? 

Since that damned rock is apparently unjumpable, I’ll head down this path.


You… just took one step back, what part about that was “running”?

I don’t understand.


I will destroy you…

You tried to rape her!?  I’m not surprised she was against it…

Yes… you are.


Still nil.

Oh, you’re Electro-Pig is going down, Russian business-mechanic!

^^ The normal procedure, when UNHOLYbear deals with anything.

Darn you and your uncooperative ways!

I hate you.

Not all, just me… and UNHOLYbear.


That sounds wholly unpleasant.

Language, buddy. And no, I definitely don’t want the Ghost Scope-whosawhatsit.

Did you break it?

It’s attempt at what?


I thought I told you I didn’t want the broken thingamabooper-Ghost Scope-thing!

And then he ran like a little girl, and I smiled. 

The only thing hurt here was that Russian.

I sure did! 


I get less and less out every time they do this… 

Yes I am. When’s the parade? I was thinking that you could have me standing on a-

Don’t interrupt, lady, I’m planning my parade.

Hrmm… when I come by you’d better have some sort of reward…

You were right next to the damn door!

Hey! What about my parade!?


They just left me alone…

When I get out of here I’d better get a whole holiday!

They had no right to leave me alone in-

GAH! They’ve migrated to the caves! KILL UNHOLYbear!

The cleansing continues.

No one waiting for me? 

I could have told you that, now when’s the celebration? 


Let’s try this sneaking thing again…


Yeah, just take it, I don’t want it!

Yes I am, yes I am.

Aww, gee thanks… what I wouldn’t give for more Great Balls… 

Nah… I’d prefer to just go ahead and-

HOLY !@%$#%@!!!!! How did I get here!?

You’re working for Baro aren’t you! I knew that Sorcerer wouldn’t let me slip out of his fingers so easily!

Don’t evade the question!

Answer me!

Huh! What?

I guess so, what are you getting at?

I will?

I’d prefer not to…

I recognize that name, he’s the president or something…

Time to make my escap-


(Please don’t be Baro. Please don’t be Baro. Please don’t be Baro. Please don’t be Baro.)

(Hrmmm… doesn’t look like Baro, in fact he looks like he’s younger than me! Odd…)

(That’s a little odd…)


I… believe I just had a slight brain aneurysm, please continue.

Oh… the Ghost Scope IR-thinger. Yeah, I have.

What’s your angle, little Baro?

“Rape”… “Ant”… “Rape”… “Ant”…

Isn’t there a postal service in Corna!?

I doubt I’d forget a name that ridiculous.


You definitely are.

I doubt you know how to use that word properly…

*sigh* Why not?

That’s an odd name…

Oh yay, I get to talk with all the morons I meet in Corna…

Which I’ll never enter.

I might just sell them for plane tickets, those Russians seem intent on that device you have there…

And I am outta here.

I wonder what’s down here…

Oh god!

Well that’s quite uninteresting.

It is? Oh yeah! It is.

Huh? Oh, sorry I wasn’t listening.

I need to stop doing this…

You bet on rock, paper, scissors?

That’s quite funny actually. 

Dinosaurs? AWESOME!

We must alert the scientific community about this amazing breakthrough!

Ah… keeping the information to yourself, I see… I understand that.

Down the stairs we go…

They need more supervision, then…

Haha… he’s a drunk…

I don’t think I recognize y- OH GOD! It’s my stalker!

Now time to see what Ms. Briney wants from me.

Damn, it’s her… that crazy Ran girl…

I think I’m going insane…

Yes I did.

You make me uncomfortable.

A likely story…

You couldn’t, even if you tried.

I don’t envy you, spending all your day finding new abominations… *shudder*

You’re making me uncomfortable again.


I hope not to.

I hope I never have to come back here…

What’s a seahouse?


-you left to rot in a cave.

I guess, though it seems I’m now a delivery boy. 

I’ve heard some things…

It’s the least you could do… and I mean the very least.

I don’t care about your ‘yatch’, let’s just go out on your boat!


That’s a small boat… I’m quite disappointed.


I’m still disappointed in the size of your boat.

Few would.

Alright, then.

Well here we are on beautiful(?) Golden Island! (And the great naming convention continues!)

Well there we are, Update 10, I hope you all enjoyed my discomfort…

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