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Pokémon Quartz #11

It’s apt, I suppose…

I guess I just won’t go in there, then.

Damn people and their missions.

How many caves in this region are going to be ‘unstable’? It’s already old…

I think I’d like to take this time to consider TEH-PRO’s evolution:

It’s not that bad to look at, and the stats are decent, I suppose… But y’know what bothers me the most…?

He lost his kickass eyebrows… D:

I see no church…

So… there’s a war going on? And… you’re enjoying it?

Guess I’d better see what kind of gym this island has…

What kind of lame-ass name is “Fausto”? 

I don’t know whether to be frightened… or confused… 

Well… shall we check out the rest of the town before we deliver this package to Roco?

(The answer is yes.)

It is. I had to go through a lot of crap to earn this-

GAH! That word haunts my nightmares… and my day dreams too.

I literally do not have a clue how I’m to respond to that.

It does. 

What!? No, you’re putting words in my mouth.

What isn’t fair is that I have to listen to all of you people absolutely butcher the English language. 

We’ll see about that…

Nope… still ugly as the backside of a month-dead Sever.

Oh god… you’re insane aren’t you?

Can’t say that I have… Lunatic.

I didn’t say that.

It most definitely is not. Most definitely.


You are quite the disturbed individual…

You need psychological help, sir.

One minute ago, to be exact…

TRANSLATION: “Home for the senile, and deranged.”


I’m done talking with these nutcases, there’s no way heading to Broke Cave could be this bad.

Who… has my number? 


My phone is in on the conspiracy! 

Please don’t kill me Baro.

(Note to self: Kill Jose…)

If you hang up now, and never call this number again, I’ll never say anything bad about you again, Baro.

He can read my thoughts. 

I doubt science would be affiliated with you in any way, shape or form; Baro.

{Word of the Day Calender}

Why is everyone so shocked about this? 

I guess now would be the time to hang up the-

I don’t want to know what sort of spell that Sorcerer is casting… not one bit. 

Torturing defenseless animals abominations against nature?

Finally that’s over…

I… I think I have to change my pants…

One change of pants later:

Let’s hope this time there are no interruptions…

That chick’s totally going to try and fight me.

Called it.


Odd obsession… You ever consider selling the treasure? 😐

That is a close second for ugliest Pokemon I’ve seen yet, though UNHOLYbear has it beat by miles and miles… and miles… and miles… and many more miles.


Still didn’t save you, pirate lady.

What is it?

I’ll be back for it, don’t you worry…

Oh god! A rift in the space-time continuum is forming!

Wait… it’s just poison… Haha, my bad… 

This treasure is horribly disappointing.

That’s not even a  accent… not even close…

That he did not.

You were… you were going to eat me? 

We’ll see that cannibalistic , we’ll see.

Well we’ve arrived.

A sign is not music!

Wouldn’t it be safer to just block the entrance so people don’t… I dunno… DIE!?


At least it isn’t vomit-green, eh? 😐

Oh yay, it’s the pillar… 😐 And it’s still staring into my soul… that’s just fine and dandy.

So pillar-shaped Pokemon act like pillars? Astounding…

So what do we name this she-pillar?

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