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Pokémon Quartz #12

We have to be able to distinguish between the two, don’t we?

Yep… that man’s just running into a wall.

I won’t respond to that until you use the proper word.

You’re kidding me, right? You’re fixing the cave floor with glue… 

Oh that’s great! I was afraid that I’d have to spend hours wandering in this-


Of course you do…

Oh joy. 

I might.

That wouldn’t be pleasant…

Damn it’s dark in here…

Oh god! It has cans for legs!

Errr… yeah… 😐


Thanks everyone who suggested.

I guess I’d better challenge the gym, so I can use Flash…

Damn, the lighting’s out.

Great… it’s my stalker.

No: I’ll win it.

My type-chart tells me as much.

Is the Grim Reaper here?

They’re going to be full of nonsense, aren’t they?

Well let’s check the team before we go further:

Err… let’s train a little more to get some new attacks…

Well I thought it was clever. 

Now that Roco has leveled (offscreen), let’s head back to the Gym…




There’s no time for a battle now! We have to hide!

Is… is it in pain?

Well it only got slightly brighter…

You guys sure are easy to please.


I dunno.

Oh god, why!?

Protect me abominations!

Just… a Guinette?


Hehe… let’s check this out.


Didn’t affect Roco that much, however…

So… you’re done trying to kill me? 

I’m keeping my eye on you, lady.

That’s horrifying!


That… isn’t very impressive…

Okay it’s impressive!

Not impressive.

Fausto isn’t a nice guy, is he?

Well look who it is, the big meanie-pants himself.

I know, it said so on the-

I just… I dunno.

You’re going down!


That move makes no sense for your typing…




I believe in you Roco!

Except this is what really happened:

Two of these, mind you.

Aww, damn that’s going to-

Do very little, apparently.

You asked for it by challenging me.


Serenade him, UNHOLYbear!

Weaken his defenses!

Huh? How did this backfire so badly?

Stall Justin! Stall!


Double damn.

This is just getting ridiculous.

You try my patience…

I officially hate Guinette with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.

I ❤ Criticals.


Third try’s the charm?

Fausto… I would very much enjoy punching your face.

Lucky switch out + Critical = ❤

This literally took me an hour.

I sure d- Huh? Say again?

Normal lighting restored!

That’s… nice?

Caves have souls?

It’s not Bulk Up, is it?


I assure you I will burn this TM, just as I…

…will burn you, Fausto.

No, I did it. You stood back here by the door.


I’m scared.


Well… Broke Cave next time, I guess…

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