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Pokémon Quartz #13

I’m so glad to be out of that damnable gym… I hope I never see a Pokemon use Grasswhistle EVER AGAIN.

You’re useful for the moment, Justin!

You will only be useful for the next area, Sparkyturd.

Shall we be off then?


That’s… better, I suppose…

Damn tricky walls.

Hmm… I wonder what this is…?


God the pain is excruciating – Oh look! An arrow!

I guess there’s no going back down there for me… 😐

That hurt.

Err… No? 

Can you… point the way?


I guess there’s no other choice, then…

These floors don’t collapse?

I’m still not entirely sure I trust these floors that mu-

Throw rocks at the ghost, Roco!

Thanks animeFTW, you get one nonexistent cookie masquerading as a Master Ball.


Is… is it magic?



Ummm… where am I?


Not a great treas-


My ass is numb.


Pay for your devil dance!

Hmm… this room is larger than it originally appeared. I should explore this…

I never want to see another of this cave’s abominations again…

This had better be the ‘deepest chamber’… even though it is on the first floor…

God that outfit is gay…

I know… why didn’t you put a ladder up the ledge to here? It’s really not far from the entrance, Roco… 😐

Yeah… a few minutes ago I was considering how to cook Justin…

That is most definitely true. 

Your ‘glue’, Mr. I-Don’t-Understand-Caves.

I… just told you that. Are all Cornians incapable of listening?

Well Yahtzee, TEH-PRO, and (the REAL) Roco are pretty awesome, but UNHOLYbear makes me vomit in my mouth whenever I look at her too closely.

Does everyone in Corna need an idiotic laugh/catchphrase?

I don’t think you can qualitatively judge your ability at being a rival…

I hope it’s good… 

How did you know that? 

Can’t say that I feel the same.

Let’s see how that works for you…

He must be Baro’s secret apprentice!

A decent move! 


I wonder how this thing works-


Oh god! What’s happening to me!?


Oh… I’m outside now.


Hope you guys enjoyed the update, and the diary entries. And if any of you guys also want to do some ‘bonus content’ for the LP (art or similar things to what I posted), just contact me. 

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