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Pokémon Quartz #14

These last weeks have been so horrible, I just hope that my luck will turn soon…


Yes, I would very much like to leave this hell hole now.

I’m not heading back towards Baro, so…


It… is just me coming, isn’t it?

Nice try with the names Baro. 

That was actually a very smooth trip…

Oh yeah, totally forgot about that while I spent all those weeks trapped in the dark abyss… 😐

We’ll probably never meet again.

Go ahead, you creepy-


The ol’ switcheroo. 

Did you seriously just say… “Xtreme”?

Well… whatever floats your boat.

‘snot bad, I guess.

I’ll save you, little girl!

Anyone know what any of those things are? 

I-I’m not that far away, lady.

I think that that is a Water-type…

Definitely a Water-type.

But Roco doesn’t recognize weaknesses.

Ah… Splash, truly the king of Attacks.

Actually it only has one.

You have… very manish legs, Nurse Joy…

They’ve crossed the ocean… 

I… dunno.

Another testament to the fact that Roco doesn’t recognize types.

But Semilleto does.




Well… that’s nice?


You are laying awfully close to the ground…

That’s a tad odd…

Nah… I’m good.

So we’re just going to pretend that you just didn’t talk about your dangly parts to a random passerby?

That makes up for that last conversation a little.

I dunno… you seem more like a drunk to me…

An admirable goal.

Why not?

You mean the drunk at the entrance? If so, yeah I met him.

Drunks are prone to doing such things.

This battle was so quick I didn’t even bother to take any screens…

I wouldn’t if I were you, you need to save all of the brain cells that you can…

Oh, alright! I’ll just be on my-


Welp… that thing is just horrifying.

As you were.

You are quite the burly fellow.

We have to get the police involved now, ma’am, before the Buccaneer Rapist strikes again!

This is no time for a battle, the women of Seablue are in danger!

Aww… he look so depressed.

I’m not the one trying to rape you, lady!

But… he threatened to rape you!?

I just don’t understand this region…

It was incredibly ea-


Those… were NEW SHOES!

I want you to buy be a new pair of shoes!

You run a horrible business here, y’know?

You would think that they would build a bridge here…


You can have it, for a price…

You Russian business-mechanics… always mistaking your philanthropic efforts as evil plots.


‘Weird’ doesn’t even begin to cover it…

To hell with it, I’m not talking to them.

[SARCASM]This can’t possibly be important, plot-wise…[/SARCASM]

Not at all, sir… Not at all.

Your making that name up aren’t you? 

Well that’s good to know. But, seriously, you were making that name up, right?

Holy hell… he wasn’t making it up.

Hey there, I was wondering-

(Note to self: Never get on a craft built by Mich Dick.)

I’ve been here for five minutes while you rambled… 😐

Sadly, I’ve gotten used to this… *sigh*

Yeah, let me just leave it with you so that-


This might just come back to bite me in the ass.


Well you could always guard the shipments better?

Oh… not really that shifty, really…


Yep. Smugglers tend to do that.

Well that’s stupid of them.

Not until you learn to say ‘please’ properly.

Yeah… you might want to stop wearing those purple hats of yours.

A plane ticket!?

I’ll be back.

Your secret is safe with me, Nurse Joy…

My Pokemon fear me, is that the same?

Must be a dreadfully boring job.

Not my kind of club.

Wouldn’t a yearly visit make more sense, in that case?

Might as well.



I guess…

I am confused.

That is odd…

Ah… no Russians up here.

I’m here to-


*sigh* Here comes trouble…

It doesn’t even FREAKING WORK!

Is that meant as an insult? I don’t get it, if so…

Still with the Plug-Oinks?


Yeah! Shut up, Professor Rape!

I think you’d be surprised…


Another bang.

I heard that they shock those who displease them…

How far away is that? I might just come with you…


Not even me?

I’m surprisingly awesome. 

Really, Baro? REALLY!?

Here, you can have-

You misunderstand me…

That I do have.

Well I’ve done pretty well so far…

Well the only Electric-types I’ve seen were all pretty damn horrible.

Why the unnecessary exclamation point?


Doesn’t Sunny Day power up Fire-types?

She didn’t answer me…

I’d call it more disturbing than tense.

Yes I did.


If Mich Dick has any part in it’s building, then no thank you sir. How about a nice cookie, instead?

*sigh* No cookie today.

Well, that’s the end of UPDATE 14 everyone, I hope you enjoyed the read. 

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