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Pokémon Quartz #15


I guess I’d better go and find that TM so I can buy my plane tickets from the smugglers.

OH GOD IT’S BARO! :shocked:

It is most definitely not, sir… most definitely not…

Wait for me, obvious smuggler…

“Seablue LK”?

Oh… Seablue Lake… Still a sucky name, though. :disappoin

Interesting building…

Sounds fun! 😀

You sick pervert… :surprised:

I wear a size twelve?


Is that lizard smoking a pipe?

So she’s just a normal lizard…?

Aviani gets one Professorship at the Rape Academy, where Prof. Rapante studied.





He won’t enjoy it…

Haven’t we moved past Severs at this point?

Not that far, apparently…

Oh Opail… you drug dealer…

Good for you, I guess. :\

Hey Plug-Oink, I guess I’ll go ahead and catch-


:laugh: Double Team is so silly :laugh:

Well that sure is convenient. 🙂


Well could you at least cure TEH-PRO… you did paralyze him…


Oh JOY… another pun.

…I’m disgusted with myself… :disappoin

YAY! Stuff!

This can only mean one thing… TIME TO DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!





Strange place to build a house… :\

:paranoid:OH GOD! Baro is hiding in the shadows again!:paranoid:



Oh god, he’s disguised as a table! :paranoid:

Oh! He’s just under the table.


Still creepy as hell.

Is that an official title? Or did you make it up yourself?


I have?



He… he just floated up into the ceiling…


Might as well…

This has to be breaking some zoning laws…

Damn you tricksters and your strange tiles…

Die tree! DIE!

Oh god! Javier has trapped children in his basement!

This is no time to battle! We have to find that password and get the hell out of here! :shocked:

Thank god they can’t breed…


Oh look it’s the dirty rotten LIAR.

No she did not.

That’s a good plan.


Turns out I didn’t need you!

Disappointing… 😦

Not a very good one.

I have to agree with you on that one.

Seriously… I dunno.

You can walk out with me, I suppose?

Of course not before we battle…

That’s one thing that UNHOLYbear can do well… kick ass…



That’s too bad kid.


I see through your disguise now, BARO!

Must be a door opening spell…

I cut down the trees…


Free stuff is the best kind of stuff. 😀

How do you know that I’ll come?

Again with the floating up to ceiling crap… :paranoid:


Ahh… back outside…


Next time we’ll see the rest of Seablue Lake!

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