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Pokémon Quartz #16

Ahh… It’s so nice being outside of Javier’s basement… But I fear for the safety of those I left behind…


I’ll come back for you…


Damn! I forgot their names, oh whatever, onwards we go (to the left, I suppose )!

Oh yeah, this is where all those druggy students go to throw their lives away… I think?

You don’t have to battle at all… Do you? 

…the hell?

I see no correlation between the two…


A weapon and an odd sphere-cube-thing… 

Hmm… was it?

…the hell?

Sure! Why not, knife-boy. 

You lied to me…

I want that. 


Alright then, I didn’t know that it was yours… I’ll just head out and-

Damn you confrontational Cornians!

I don’t get it… Is it a ghost…? Or is it just pretending to be a ghost?


That’d be totally badass if you weren’t so ridiculous looking…


According to the laws invented by me, just five seconds ago, it is now mine…

You can keep it…


I’m trying to figure out if this was worth it… 

(I missed a screen or two, but he’s running back and forth like he’s being chased by a Babos…)

Sir, are you oka-

You might be able to swim?

I don’t control geological formations, sir… 

Sir if you don’t back off now you will FEEL MY WRATH! 

Thanks for ruining one of my favorite type pairings for me Baro…

You’ll have to do better than that sir, if you want to avoid MY WRATH! 

Okay… don’t fail me Yahtzee!

You’re failing me Yahtzee!

Great comeback. 

Sure… why not?

Guess I have to head the other way then…

Ever onwards!

Aww… he thinks he’s people… 

Man… That looks freaking awesome! I need some skates…

She’s always one step ahead…

Not for me… you are my stalker… (One of them, at least… )

I’m doing the same… but for reasons of fear rather than any sense of obligation…

Nah… you’re already breaking the restraining order as it is-

**** my life…


You are ****ing kidding me, right?

Apparently not…

Experience is experience. 

Not a good matchup for TEH-PRO… so… SWITCHEROO!

It’s not even strong enough to break out of its egg! 


Nothing an Unholy Bear can’t solve 

My relief is stronger than my revulsion at this point. 


Oh thank god…

Oh, I think I should let you guys know: I love Critical hits. 


That’s a fact. 

This won’t make me forget, you know…

I’ll probably forget about this in five minutes…

That isn’t how an Itemfinder works…

Will you respect the restraining order!?


I’d very much appreciate it, I’m starting to fear-

Well… after several hours of projectile vomiting followed by a hasty call to my lawyer, I decided to check my roster:

That was far too close for comfort…

What the hell is that thing?

Can’t believe that this name had to be pointed out for me… 

Oh, I also caught this:

You can’t generate power without an external source, Baro!

Ah… took long enough.


Terrorism ahoy!

That anvil is just one unnecessary risk…

You people are way too confrontational…

You lied about the anvil!

Punish the abomination, Yahtzee!

That you could not. 

Was that a euphemism?

Don’t you just… watch Pokemon for extended periods of time?

Is… is that a penis?


Nice, I guess.

-Magikarp Trainer Equivalent-


Now Yahtzee can be the lead singer of a rock band!

Best to agree with the maniac…

Yay for Spanish, I s’pose…

It really isn’t that diffi-

Holy hell those directions were useless…

Free item!

Reverse psychology in effect!

I think it is obvious what’ll be going down here. 

Wouldn’t there already be a farm here if that were so?

Apparently all disagreements in Corna can be solved with violence…

Bring it on, little girl!

Hey there… pincushiony guy…

You did at that.

And then I’ll strip-harvest everything. 



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