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Pokémon Quartz #18

Oh, Justin you’re such a giving person. 😀

Monkeyboi was right in saying that I would end up training for the gym. I ain’t takin’ no chances.


From what unholy place do you come!?

You aren’t making any sense, demon…

I didn’t think that hell would have that much farmland…

That’s an ugly Slakoth-analogue…

(It’s also pretty weak. :rambo:)

You run pretty fast. :\

I’ll go! I’ll go!

Oh god… I’m scared. 😦

You gave me three seconds!

Why is everyone so confrontational? 😦

That… is definitely not a gun… you farmers are a strange lot.

Err… what is that thing, anyways? :\

:laugh: It’s a Plug-Oink. :laugh:

I figured… :\

Why is everyone in Corna so possessive?

…and insane?

Hey, how about we test those skates out?

Sweet. 😀

No, not really, I have better things to do. :\

Didn’t you hear me, sir?

😦 I’m tired of Cornians… 😦

Did I frighten you? :badsmile:

Err… what is it that I-

Oh! We’re battling now?

Hey look, it’s a sperm-fish…

And a cheap Shellder knock-off. 😦

You’ll die like your brother did!

Okay, now that TEH-PRO has gained a couple of needed levels we’re off to the gym!

But first:

^Tile Errors^


Now, into the abyss. 😛

I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again?

Well… maybe this time he won’t screw us over?

…the hell?

Yeah, they’re gay as hell.

Bring it on, you burly man you!

It was quick, but surprisingly painful. :badsmile:

Yes, he did at that. :rambo:

No, they’re just really stupid.

Not interested, bub.

And here comes our first good look at a moleman:

I can’t express my disappointment in words… 😦

That sure is… a duck-platypus, or some such…

It also breaks easily. 😀

That doesn’t look like a ground-type at all…

… definitely not a ground-type…

:rambo: But TEH-PRO don’t care. :rambo:


I don’t get you molemen…

I guess if you squint a little those squiggles might start to mean something…

Dare I step on the switch?

Oh I dared, all right.

Did he teach you anything else too? Anything that you’ve repressed?

😀 X4 Damage + STAB 😀

I love Criticals so damn much.

Well did he teach you how to battle?

I bet he didn’t.

‘Cause you suck.


I believe the correct term is “a GREAT moleman“. 😦

You’re a mean jerk. 😥

(This guy only had one of those mole-ducks… :\)

…the hell?

I think all of that bad grammar condensed into such a space just gave me a slight aneurysm…


Alrighty now… time to see this ‘giant moleman’…

They weren’t lying about him being a giant. :shocked:

Well… you’re just a show off. 😦

We’ll see about that. :rambo:

Y’know… you’re less moleman and more… Arnold Schwarzenegger…

You are not a Ground type… YOU BETRAYED ME ADVICER!

Do what you do best, Justin, stall.

This seems like a job for Roco. 😀

…or not…

Well maybe TEH-PRO will-

God damnit!

:shocked: This was quite the unexpected development… :shocked:

Damn healing items. 😦

Didn’t help in the long run, however.

Let’s see how well Yahtzee will fare against this burly Pokemon. :rambo:

:laugh: Earthquake :laugh:

:laugh: Sand Tomb :laugh:

😦 Super Potion 😦


did earn it… 😦


You make Rock Smash sound better than it actually is… :\

What’s with all of this ‘we molemen’ crap?

Did I say anything about shampoo? :\


You piece of crap, you could’ve warned me that there was a-

**** you, Advicer… **** you.

I guess we head back to Greenie now…


Well, as you saw, chrunch was correct in his guess, it took only one try, though TEH-PRO played a very small part in it. 😦

And if there is one thing that I’ve learned this time around it’s this: UNHOLYbear is a freaking beast.

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