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Pokémon Quartz #19

You’ve gained another use, Justin, you should feel proud of yourself. 

I guess we’ll head back to Greenie and check out that cave, or whatever.

Maybe you should give Roco (the gay Roco, not the awesome Roco) a call, he has some special glue that fixes caves. 

Still green as hell.


Damn geological formations. 

Alternate routes!

This would be scenic in another game… not Quartz though… NEVER QUARTZ!

I spent six whole seconds searching for those you jerk! 

Baro… never try and spell “seismographic” again, you’ll just make a fool of yourself.

Well a bigger fool, anyways.

No ****ing ****, Sherlock… And why the hell didn’t you check for yourself?

Noise-hearing PCs… coming to a remote mountainside near YOU!

Has anyone ever considered building a path that goes over the mountain?

I just met you, and I already hate you.

In a cave – that is known for having rock slides, I might add – you are surprised by rocks falling!?

What. The. Hell.

Silencious machines… coming in a few weeks to a remote mountainside near YOU!

At least this isn’t anywhere near those ‘scientists’.

You… are not trapped at all you morons…

By god… what sort of horrifying evolution could have spat you out? When I have the necessary tools I must examine your anatomical structure with SCIENCE (And sharp blades).

Who the hell would find this cute?

Baro. Definitely Baro.

I tried guys… I tried.

Oh that’s great! I’ll just get out of your way and-

Err… Justin’s level 2… I think that your Pokemon should be able to do it too, bub.

Damn you, you burly gentleman you.


And now there is. 

Same story. 

But not Super Effective enough apparently. 

This however, is.

I’m just going to toss Justin at the rock and hope something happens. 

Couldn’t he go out the other way and come around by either of the two other available routes?

That blind hamster can’t do a thing, how he won that Badge is beyond me. 

Might as well. 

You may thank Justin’s shattered skull for that. 

Must I?

Not if you apply enough force…



Damn, foiled again.

They just disappeared… 

I detect Sorcery in the air… BARO!

[sarcasm]This makes up for the Sorcery![/sarcasm]

This makes him a total badass. 

Just look at the suave bird.

Now to head to the place that made me want these Skates in the first pla-

Dare I?

Oh I dare…

He’s watching me from the shadows… 

Oh god… he can throw his voice…

I’m not leaving until I’m sure he won’t follow me…

Dude… I was taking a piss in your plant.

No. I came back to make sure you haven’t lured more children to your basement of horrors.

‘kay pedophile.

Oh joy, it’s different now.

I’ll save y-

This is no time for a battle!

Oh my god… Javier’s turned you… HASN’T HE!?

Poor lost soul… 



Another child, I can help you!

He’s been turned too… 

Javier must be stopped.

Hey there volcano that is definitely not a Grass-type. 

Is there hope for you…?

No… most definitely not. 



It had to be done…

Why is there always such cheap crap laying around here?




More cheap crap… 


You expected me to be as weak-minded as those poor children, didn’t you!?

I will thwart you time and again, you sick and twisted individual.

You don’t have another Rare Candy?

One of these days I shall kill you, Javier… Not today… but each day your death comes a little closer…

We’re back outside. 

Next time.

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