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Pokémon Quartz #21

Okay… the swelling’s gone down, I think I can start out again…

Decisions, decisions…

Actually there is no decision at all, as going down leads to a dead end. 

Oh Justin… your poor skull. 

…the hell?

How are they supposed to get out?

Seriously… it’s moronic.

The only thing that would be fitting here is to quote from Zorak’s Quartz LP:

“Molemen are stingy, rude, secretive, greedy, secular and keep all their wealth within their society 
… wait… wait… Molemen are incarnations of negative Jewish stereotypes!? 

oh Baro you racist card you”

Hopefully I’ll be out of the Brown Hills soon, this brown is a very unattractive color. 

I already battled in the Molehills… you weirdo.

If I never have to see a moleman again I’d die happy…

Well… not happy per se… but I’d probably be happier than I would normally. 

Kill it, I suppose?

And why the hell does the dog Pokemon have a Hindu-dot?


Nah, I’m good. 

Why are you talking that way? Seriously… you’re the only moleman who talks like that, it’s not like it’s their way of speaking or something like that…

Odd… really odd.

And you can’t stop me man, I’m Steven.

I didn’t know that molemen had the technology to build invisible talking walls. 

You mean that treasure that I can’t get to?

Good for you, I suppose… 

…the hell?

How do you ‘caver’…? And what’s a ‘har rock’?

I’m confused. 

Very much show, tell me of this ‘har rock’. 

Well… they are molemen, aren’t they?

Like… isn’t it their nature to live underground, and not in trees?


Will it keep Baro, Ran,the Advicer, and all the other creeps, out too!?

Dolls are for girls… 

You mean I can get my plane ticket now!? 

And then he walked away…

Well I guess I need to earn some more money if I’m to buy my plane ticket (if that rambling hiker wasn’t lying )… So, we continue NORTHWARD!

Oh hello there, agents of the capitalist regime…

I doubt I have a choice in the matter…

Totally called it… now I have to battle Couchio and Vin.

Oh god! The government is watching me! 

That is an undeniable fact. 

…at brainwashing Corna’s youth…

I will not be a part of the problem!

You and Kicheo don’t listen too well, do you?

Phew… I thought he was going to use Strength for a second there…

‘kay, bye.

Oh! You wanted me to leave? Well I guess I’ll leave now…

I think I’m almost out of the lands of the molemen. 

No thank you sir, I am not *****.


I’m scared…

There’s no Flying in Brrd. 

But it was effective enough. 

I can’t wait to see the rest of the Rainbow Hills!

If I have any say in it, Corna will be a desolate wasteland before the year is out…

Not a clue…

Does that make me Moderately-Good-Looking Steven? Or maybe: Violated Steven?

You can’t have too many small round birds! 

Yes you can.


You offend all laws of nature!

And now you’re dead. 

Technicolor beam, AWAY!

That’s nice of you to say. 

Errr… well be sure to extricate yourself from the sand when it erupts, ‘kay?

“Niveous” refers to something that is snowy… isn’t this a volcano, though?

These signs depress me… 

Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing heading through-

F***! F***! F***! F***! F***! F***! F***!



Holy hell! You guys have time travel capabilities!?


Why are so many men in this region burly? And why do they all become hikers? Seems like they would avoid that type of exertion…


I’m confused. 

Oh, and this is for you – chrunch and Ninja Caterpie:


I now owe you NOTHING!

Oh, I kid…

And I caught this too:

It sucks, but who cares?

Not you, I hope…

Stop judging me.


Yay, something worthwhile!

Really, Baro? Really?


And it doesn’t seem to bother him that his finger is on fire… that’s Cornian arsonists for you…

This proves Yahtzee’s power. 

Ha… it’s a pun.

Haven’t seen anyone use a pun in Corna yet.

It’s more ‘batshit insane’ than ‘amazing’… 

Is he perpetually on fire, or something?

Useful items from Justin make me happy. 

Who decided that running a major route through a volcano was a good idea? Seriously… it would have been much easier to build a path around it… MUCH EASIER.

Thanks giradialkia. 

They could… But why won’t they?

I could also… like climb over it, couldn’t I? I’m sure that UNHOLYbear would be tall enough to give me a boost… or maybe I could use Roco as a step, or something?

Damn! Another of the blasted devil-rocks!

ohai thar Fire-type that isn’t a Fire-type, but is actually a Fire-type. 

Yes, I can be immature, deal with it.

Ah Maroon Hill… the… err… the… place…? Well at least we’re out of that little slice o’ hell, eh?

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