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Pokémon Quartz #25

I guess those members of Team Ambar left… 

I like easy trips. 

did not just eat garbage…

Obviously… or I wouldn’t have talked to you… 

Seriously… these Cornians.

Hmm… this is a pretty pleasant ride. 

Oh god! I got ash in my mouth!

Time to head out to Maroo-

Damn… it’s Annie…

…and Team Ambar. Joy…

I should’ve waited…

I’d really rather not. 

Oh! So there’s a chaos god now, eh?

That makes things so much more frightening!




Why wouldn’t they? 

Then why are you still able to fight? Really… you guys shouldn’t stand a damn chance, but here you are…

Might as well walk up the random pyramid thing on the mountain. 

If you guys carried guns this would be made oh so much simpler. 

Aren’t they already attacking… o.o

I’m confused…


That’s too bad… I’ll just be continuing on my wa-

You’re a jerk. 

I’ll enjoy kicking your ass. 

ohai thar genderless hedgehog 

Say hello to Brrrd’s Technicolor Beam!

Holy ****! That thing is freaking huge!

Still goin’ down like a bag of bricks, though… 

Told you. 

Your anguish sustains me. 

Of course… those Chaos God Dragons can be quite the handful. 

…the hell?

You expect to win… by vomiting on your opponent…?

Crazy Cornians…

It makes me feel happy to be at the highest point on the mountain. 

Yeah, that was me.

Swearing isn’t necessary sir… And what’s a ‘hero vein’?

Oh, that’s such a cliche thing to say when you use Electric Pokemon…

You’ll regret that… 

Told you. 

He also payed for it. 

He did not, at that.

Hmmm… I wonder what he’ll do…

Oh yeah… that. ^^

Doubt it. 

Y’know what? I don’t much care for you, and would very much like to punch you in the face right now.

I bet that nothing at all will ha-


That wasn’t very nice of you. 

Sounds cliche. 

Of course there are magic words. 

“Bricka”… “Bracka”… “Firecracker”…

I don’t understand… 

And where did you get that?

Aren’t Master Ball’s incredibly rare and expensive?

For reasons not adequately explained. 


No, that’s not me.

I’m the intelligent kid, you must be thinking about Ran…

Again with people saying ‘lol’ in speech…

Is that the ‘Chaos God Dragon’?

Sunny Day powers up Fire-types… what are you, a moron?


Yeah, Mareep and Pikachu are the perfect fit for ‘Supreme Overlord’. 

Not if you get one good Ground-type. 

You aren’t very nice at all, and I’m going to hurt you. 

What the hell is wrong with her right leg?

Is… is it broken?

Aww… he think he’s people. 

Well, he’s not.

None can resist the charms of UNHOLYbear!


Yahtzee will get you, though. 

Twice he did this, of course. 

I really don’t want to have to have a long, drawn-out, battle with you… so…

Selfdestruct/Critical Hit. 

If you want to call me that… then yes! 

Natural talent and training?

Also, my Pokemon fear to disappoint me. 

Good luck, I’m sure this is burned into your memory. 


Oh god… it’s my phone again..

I’m sure that all of the waves in Corna are weird, phone…

How should I know?


Things would start being a little unpredictable, maybe?

That is what chaos is, phone…

…will wear funny hats unexpectedly?

Hmmm… I might be able to sell this. 

So… this ‘god’s power stems from a fossil?


You’re going to make me rich. 

I guess next time we’ll head to the next city. 

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