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Pokémon Quartz #29

If Brrrd and Yahtzee have taught me one thing it’s… Cornian Bird Pokemon are pretty damn awesome. When compared with everything else, that is…

And the sand takes back it’s own. o.o

The swasti-sand is actually pretty convenient when you don’t plan on coming back. 

I just got to go smash that rock with Justin’s skull then I’m on my way to see what birds looked like in Corna before Baro. 

My first Rock Smash encounter.

Good luck with ‘scaping’. 

And then there was one. 

I mean you, Mr. Silver.

No more distract-

I wonder if Javier’s still kidnapping children…? 




…and such.

Why do you want my life so bad, phone? 

You think that he would… y’know… avoid suspicious glinting. 

I have eyes… and you are a moron…


Apparently so…? 

Why not?

Ah switches… how original…

It appears that Javier has moved on from children and is now trapping police officers.

…good for him, I suppose.

Well… he does trap young children in his basement, so I assume that it isn’t quite on ‘rule’, as you put it. 

I thought you guys were supposed to help people?

Oh god!

Destroy, Yahtzee, destroy!


You… attacked me…

Insane b***. 

I can imagine, he can rise into the ceiling by spinning. 

Most likely not, sir… most likely not…

He shares his name with a squirrel with constantly bleeding nipples. 

The Cornian police have horrid memory, apparently…

I bet you aren’t… 

Well you’re locked in the guy’s basement… I would think even you could figure out the answer to this…

Wouldn’t the rock just set off the switch…? 


I guess. 


Because he is a f***ing pedophile! Isn’t it obvious!?

God… you Cornians can be so dense at times…

Apparently he also has a thing for burly gentlemen. 

I know how to deal with you… 

I know how to deal with you t-


Why is that Shellder making out with that rock? 

Nothing can resist UNHOLYbear’s charms… for some reason

Because I’m better than you.

You’re a strange one…

It is best not to dwell on that… -_-

It was easy… probably the easiest one yet.

Really… I’m thinking there were no children in there because they could escape so easily…

You’re losing your touch, man.

I’d prefer to leave my skull intact, if that’s okay with you?

Did… did you just give me a rock…?

Really… these Cornians…

Bye, rapist.

Time to get mah dino-bird!

…After I check on the witch, of course.

Are you going to give me more information this ti-

But the guy who gave it to me told me that it was a mush… I feel so betrayed…

I have no use for it, so why not. 

That isn’t unnerving at all. o.o

I’m not even going to ask what you were going to do with this… 

You can do it Steven… just keep an eye out for Ba-Chan and Jose… 

We’ve been through this before…

How are you seeing into my bag… 

Well I’d prefer that to a fossilized feather… 


I guess so… You’d better be done before Ba-Chan and Jose find out that I’m here, though. 

You’re so great at picking up junk off of the ground, Justin. 

I’m done with my walk.

That’s what I expected would happen. 

Should that mean something to me…?


Hrmmm… there’s only one thing I can think of…

I’m saving Mr. Silver for something… special.

One can hope, can’t they?

Not as bad as it could be… but still… it’s head is 90% tumor…

Maybe it should try something else if kicking isn’t working out for it?

I’ll get you soon, Benito. 

After some grinding, of course…

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