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Pokémon Quartz #3

Almost poetic in it’s simplicity isn’t it?

So… back to killing abominations!

Your anguish sustains TEH-PRO

Death to the monstrosity!

*sigh* I guess I’d better capture one of these, lest I incur the wrath of Baro…

Maybe it should find something less edible to play with? He’d probably be able to keep a sizable cache of acorns, while still playing…

Thanks PyroDX… sorry Justin… Well at least that pickup ability’ll make up for your appearance… mostly…

Wow I look unpleasant from this angle… I’ll have to remember to talk to people facing a different direction…

No thanks, I think I’ll keep my Pokemon healthy you sadistic freak.

“Wich web”?

I guess I’ll check out this “pokebox” thing…

Oh god! Nowhere is safe!

I don’t know that I’ll want them back after you’ve been at them…

Sorry… I just can’t look at you anymore rat-thing.

Many battles like this ensue… all horribly unsatisfactory for TEH-PRO’s blood lust…

Well… he is a pro.

Oh yes! I want it!

Aww… he never gets to be the main attraction…

So what are we going to name this poor opening act?

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