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Pokémon Quartz #30

First: Two major – well… not that major – events which occurred while grinding.

And he became that much more proficient at kicking ass.

Confusing my ass. This thing has got a freaking death wish

Hence the name. 

Presenting Steven’s Abominable Army (I though the name was cool.:

Roco, the stone top hat… probably the strongest member of the Abominable Army, though she does have a penchant for exploding with no warning. She also does it on command, which is useful.

UNHOLYbear, the…

(I replaced Tackle with Strength, for obvious reasons…)

Yahtzee, the bird with delusions of grandeur… her superior speed occasionally makes her a better choice in combat, though her mental illness can be very inconvenient…

TEH-PRO, the gay dinosaur… though his trademark angry face disappeared upon evolution he can still be counted on in a pickle.

Brrrd, the ice bird… the newest recruit in my Army, she has nonetheless proven herself worthy of her position.

(Peck has been replaced by Drill Peck. )


Oh damnit, get out of the frame, Justin!

Alright! Time to kick some poisoner ass!

And of course he isn’t in the main room anymore… 

And I thought I told you that I didn’t want your advice… 

Ramen’s more of a cockroach than a rival…

I had gathered that, Sherlock.

That’s okay, most of Corna’s ninjas are horribly incompetent.

They’ll all fall in the end, though. 

That’s the first piece of solid advice you have ever given me Advicer, you must be off your medication or something.

You know… I get a strange sense of deja vu every time I look at the Advicer… 

I guess I’ll never know… 

Ugh… those are godawful names.

I guess I’ll go for Accuracy… since I am using Roco.

I had some hopes…


Ninjas are known for tobacco abuse, apparently. 

Those items are cheap…

One shot. 

Looks like your Accuracy boost didn’t help at all. 

Are you a drug addict?

Are these ‘shots and hits’ heroin? ARE THEY!?

Honor’s currently low on my list of priorities…

Yeah… you’re definitely high.

Ugh… I don’t feel like dealing with healing items right now, so Tough it is!

Roco knows all about that. 

Ninjas like spinning tops, too. 

Isn’t going to help much…

Totally, freaking called that!

They weren’t. 

Are all of you guys high!?

Thanks for the nonsense, druggy…

I guess Strong’s the way to go. 

If that kid is Ramen… I swear… I will do something.

Is that supposed to be based off of some sort of animal?

You people never learn…

It’s alright. You just suck.


I’m not talking with you people any more than I have to, now…

I guess I’ll go finish off the rest of the trainers in the Gym before I challenge the Leader. 

I’m not entirely sure what is going to be in here…

It’s been proven by science!

What are you going to do…? An impression?

Oh… I get it now. It’s Ditto-cat.


I guess I have to… 

God, you drug addicts don’t even try to make sense, do you?

That’s cheap.

do think it’s awful…

ohai thar powrgas


Nice job there, UNHOLYbear.


Should be easy enough. 

Wanna bet?

Oh you’re delusional.

One-shotted it.


I thought it was just right. 

I will absolutely wreck that poisoner!


And my first big mistake in Corna.

He’s working for my stalker now… 

Do you have cameras too!?

Why must everyone watch me…

I s’pose. 

Couldn’t be bothered to put on shoes, could you?

Damn poisoner.

Poor thing hasn’t been weaned off of the pipe yet. 

Alright… things aren’t going so well, but you can still-

Damn you Sludge Bomb.

You have no place this early in the game!

Don’t fail me Brrrd!

Why can’t you just let him die!?

HOLY F***.

What did he do to you, Powergas?

It’s horrifying…

I might just win thi-


I’m going to do it! 

Why can’t you just comply, Benito!?

Only one choice now-

Why, Benito, why!? 

It’s horrible… but necessary…

Why must you do this to me, you poisoner…

Be my sacrifice, Justin!

Fat lot of good that did… Justin’s rolling in his grave. (Well… Pokeball.)

This just can’t end well… 

I must be some sort of prophet…

I guess it is now time for… ATTEMPT NUMBER TWO!

We’re trying a different strategy this time ’round…

It’s working! 

I still hate you, Sludge Bomb.

Full Restores are not fair. Definitely not fair.

Most definitely.

finally killed something!

Who cares, UNHOLYbear is just lowering your defenses. 

Watch and learn, Benito…

Told y-

Still totally worth it. 

You know exactly what follows, don’t pretend you don’t.

We’ll just time-skip over to the aftermath…

[size=”1″]I think I’m a little too happy about beating a Cornian Gym Leader… -_-[/i]

I’ll pretend that that is a compliment…

Har har, original name. -___-

I’m not even going to mention the innuendos inherent in that statement…

Too bad I don’t, then…

I guess it’s just a coincidence that I didn’t get this TM before I fought you. 

You guys seem to all be vying for the title of Captain Obvious…

I have no comment.

I’ll let my actions against Ramen when I next see him be my comment. 

You were actually a lot harder than most Trainers here… though a lot of that was because you have a sick love affair with Full Restores.

This will only make up for him working with Ran a little.

I’ll just show myself out, then.

I’m getting gifts from everywhere today!

Hey there, man I don’t know.

Yeah, I did at that.

Your poisoner son told me this already, now make with the gift!

Which – I might mention – I thoroughly regret… 

I don’t know how he’s winning battles with a blind hamster, but Corna isn’t an easy place to explain…

Isn’t it convenient that I get this right after I win the Badge required to use it… 

Well, I guess next time I go and catch me a Water-type who I can teach Surf to. 

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