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Pokémon Quartz #33

First, some bonus content:

This is how Baro increases tourism. 

(Submitted by *Minun*)

How is it that, Kashacho?

I’d really prefer not-

…I guess I have the time…

I just noticed… there is an arrow pointed towards Kabacho’s crotch…

So you two haven’t gotten an upgrade, yet?

’twas easy. 

It is not a ‘paranoia’ Carchoke.

Did you expect any different? 

And rightly so…

I already have stalkers that can find me, I don’t need you two to broadcast it to the world… 

Hell no.

If that helps you sleep at night.

Why’d you have to use Cut? 

Alright, bye.

Oh! You wanted me to leave.

Bye, I guess.

The squirrels are much stronger in this part of Corna, apparently. 

Bye, Bird Pokemon…

I thought they were taking flight…? 

That’s more like it. 

Kind of the opposite, really. 

You might want to revive them, first…

Bird Pokemon like Brrrd and Yahtzee are the best, in my opinion.


Your Pokemon did, actually.

You will.


Alright… where am I going…

So, I’m here…

I guess that I’m going to Marble Way.

Why do the flowers want me to leave so badly…? 

Corna is famous for it’s ranch farms.

The people of Corna shall sicken and die… 

What is it watering with…?

Isn’t it a ranch farm?

I don’t know how she could tell you a lot about me? I’ve only talked to her for a total of about five minutes… 

Free crap! 

Not anymore. 

You should care. 

Why the hell would I think that you were affiliated?

Note that he literally said ‘BTW’.

And I think I have a saying for you. 

Pretty much my feelings towards all of Corna… 

You guys are going to be awfully disappointed when you see your fields. 

I hate you, Corna.

I know how to deal with this sort of obstacle…

Hop like an idiot! 

Finders keepers. 

That isn’t right…

Hey! It was a joke!

My Pokemon do all of my work too. 


Blue usually means Water-type.

Apparently not in this case, however…

I think I’ve seen that in my nightmares…

RAGE OF THE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111shift

I couldn’t care less what you do.

You mean I missed some of their fields!

That makes me sad… 

Wrestling Pokemon…?

You mean like Machoke?

How I’d love to see Machoke…



I feel dirty…

I just realized that I love the pairing of R. Nixon and Roco. 

R. Nixon’s Levitation ability makes it impossible for Magnitude to hit him… which is awesome.

At least I’ll never have to see Wrestmilk again… 

They had it coming, looking like they did.

Which one are you talking about…?

Oh. I’m pretty sure she sucks, because I had to take care of Amber while she dealt with lowly grunts.

Oh, and I caught this:

Our name comes from *Minun*. 

I’m done with this place…


Seems very… jungle-like. 

There is something off about this tree, I wonder if-


It’s just a person.

How so…?


R. Nixon just learned his first life lesson. Babos=Kill. 

How is it surprising?

It did.

That is disappointing… 

It’s also dissapoiting, too… I suppose.

Who would want to live in the middle of the jungle…? 

Holy hell!

This guy’s got some serious pest problems…

It’s also a little unsettling.

Well… good luck with that, I suppose.

ohai thar burd thang

I can’t start my day without at least a small shot of blasphemy. 

That guy isn’t hiding very well… 

Could… could you repeat that?

He went down like a sack of bricks. A heavy sack of bricks.


Good luck with that, then…

I went up. 

Not that I can remember…

You are, at that.

Jebus can… And R. Nixon can float…

Is that good enough for you?

You’re easily impressed, aren’t you?

I guess it didn’t matter which way I went… 

Yay, I guess. 

You could always do something drastic… like keep your mouth closed?

His name is… Doug Nuts…

iz liek doughnuts

You’re a little freak…

I’m not talking to you again.

Look what I found:

False advertising. 

I may not have gotten the rest of the ‘ranch farm’, but I can still do my part…

I got this too:

iz funy, rite???

Next update I will continue on my way through the Black Jungle. 

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