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Pokémon Quartz #4

I was going to go with Mr. Tweetem, though I believe she wouldn’t have much cared for that, eh? I then fell back on ‘Pyro’, and decided to go with Pyro’s old name: ‘PyroYahtzee’…

Justin has his uses…

Now… time to talk with random NPC’s!

What about Max Potions? Max Revives? Full Restores? Those all heal you completely…

Well you guys are ineffective, aren’t you.

Yeah… I’m sure the upside-down rats pose quite a threat… especially since I’ve been knocking them down like fish in a barrel…

Wow… those city names… are just horrible.

I wish my mom were more like you… I think my mom’s in cahoots with an evil Sorcerer… 

People suck at naming in Corna, don’t they? 

I guess some TV might cheer me up…?



Of course it was…

Yes… yes I should.

‘Cause someone likes lame puns?

Well… usually you can tell what kind of trainers will be in the area, and buy healing items based on that, right?

You think I’d be getting some sort of discount… what with me saving the ‘celebrity’ Baro… Damn Sorcerer…

Do you know what happens to those who stand in my way!?

That’s what happens, more or less.

ARGH! A move I’ll probably never use!


I guess it’s about time I moved on, hopefully Baro won’t be able to reach me if I get far enough away…

Ha… Strip harvesting…

Again with the naming conventions in Corna… 

Are those gemstones in it’s eyes?

Well I guess we’ll never know.


As if. Those things frighten me more than I could ever frighten them.

What’s with all of the one tile paths in this game?

None can hope to match the power of Yahtzee. 


I doubt it.


Well… you could play it safe, and win all the time…

New moves make Yahtzee happy. 

You weren’t exactly hidden, now were you?

So… no cookie at least?

Oh be sure that I won’t… I took out that Ran chick, I’ll take you out too.

I am no prize for you to win! 

Are you kidding? Didn’t you just see me slaughter like a dozen of those things in the last five minutes?

See? Slaughtered


Wait! Did-did I just rob you?

I’ll tell everyone

This guy… likes his reflection? 

Alright alright, I’ll leave! Just no more sentence fragments!

I said I was going!

Ah! I thought you wanted me to leave!?

Oh okay… I thought you might be… y’know: a challenge.


Another one bites the dust.

Y’know… I think I’ll just leave…

Imaginative, eh?

I wonder if he’s obsessed with his pond too?

Well… I guess we could play some Monopoly or-

Sir… I don’t think getting beaten to a bloody pulp will be very enjoyable for your Pokemon…

Well, I guess you know them best. 

Another of those gem-bugs…

…and it’s dead.

As is another.

I actually enjoyed watching TEH-PRO and Yahtzee sate their blood-lust.

That’s one person’s opinion.

Don’t dark clouds indicate storms?

So there we are, everyone, next time I’ll explore Cloudain City and beeeyooond!

I’ll also probably head back a bit and try and catch one of those odd bugs, if I do, name suggestions?

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