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Pokémon Quartz #6

I don’t know why, but Riceeman was adamant about this name, so… Say hello to Papa Smurf!

He wants to fight me… I can just feel it in my glasses…

Well… here we-

That is… well frankly, that is simply horrifying. And that’s not even considering that she’s grabbing her ass…

You mean those blank, lifeless, eyes?

There’s only one option, well isn’t there?

I wanted to name her ‘UNHOLYseductress’, but y’know… too many characters.

I guess I’ll have to keep her with me… I couldn’t live with myself if I left her alone with the males in storage…

You remain useful, Justin!

It’s truly better this way… once you’ve been touched by UNHOLYbear you really won’t want to live any longer…

And in the box goes Papa Smurf.

That… is not a strawberry… definitely not.

Go softly into the night… strawberry-lie.

Told’ya so… :\

I’d noticed that, but thanks for the update.

Of course he does.

Oh god no…


He… *sniffle* He would have wanted it this way…

:shocked: I’m more frightened than ever before…

Well… the five other Larvlys go down just as easily, leaving UNHOLYbear as the victor… Which is good, I guess… though I feel so sorry for those poor Larvlys… their last thoughts being those of love… towards UNHOLDYbear… *shudder*

You could also just go somewhere where it doesn’t rain? Just don’t go to Breeze… Baro makes constant rain look wonderful.

Because of its relative location, and the flora and fauna? I really don’t know… :disappoin

Sorry my answer wasn’t satisfactory…

I guess I’ll do some level grinding then…

:shocked: UNHOLYbear needs to stop doing that…

Fight UNHOLYbear’s horrible charms!

He couldn’t fight them well enough…


:\ Is this one of the ghosts I was warned of? Kind of unimpressive…

Great name suggestion, Riceeman. 😛

Yahtzee’s murderous powers are growing… veeery nice.

Aww… it looks sad… and creepy, very very creepy.

So I guess Cash Cow either becomes uglier, or more depressed? Kind of a lose-lose situation, don’t you think?

Suits him, doesn’t he?

One of these in the world is horrifying enough, it must be killed!

Easy peasy.


Damn you dead ends!

Oh, and I caught the strawberry-lie…

Is that so…


Yay! The exit.

… guess not…

I did… it was horribly disappointing though… And what does ‘illo’ mean?

If the Ghost Scope worked you’d be able to see ghosts, now wouldn’t you?

…And ‘Ba-Whatnow’?

Who!? Me?

Phew… he doesn’t mean me…

Yes. Yes he is.

Didn’t he call it the Ghost Scope?

*sigh* I know where this is headed…

Yep… saw it a mile away.

Ambar…? Do you mean AmBAR? You’re a group of Russian businessmen? Why would you need a Ghost Scope?

That’s not very nice…

I’ll ruin you, you dirty Russian businessman… :rambo:

Bring it on.

Hey! That’s a Plug-Oink! Those are ‘funky’ and ‘so cool’… according to that lying Sorcerer, Baro. So… I don’t really know what to think of it.

:\ Leering at UNHOLYbear? That seems a tad off…

Yeah… I went there.


Double Ha.

‘WC’? And no need to swear, man…

You’re a business man, aren’t you, Russian? Couldn’t you go through the proper channels, and buy it from this Ba-Flimminy corporation?

Did the Naruto marathon tell you how to go about stealing the Ghost Scope? ‘Cause I’d try a different method next time around.

I’m thinking I should have at this point, you wuss.

You mean that idiot Russian was trying to steal a non-working Ghost-Scope? Couldn’t he have waited until it was working? :\

Yay! It’s not a cookie, but any reward is better than none! 🙂

That’s nice, can I be on my way now? This little ‘incident’ has already inconvenienced me enough already.

Well it’s the only place I can get to through here, isn’t it?

Oh… it’s called ‘Ba-Chan’… still an odd name… Well I guess I could go and-

No one lets me finish…

The tree is a part of me now…

Well that sign back at the beginning of the forest said to go east-



I doubt I’ll remember to… so no.

I assume it means ‘the easternmost tree’…

You know they’re pretty cheap in Marts, right?

Well your trust is definitely misplaced.

Oh god, it’s adorable! But very Oddish-like…


Here y’go TEH-PRO.



You could… build it closer to the entrance, that way you’d get more visitors…

The beach? I think it’s the beach…




Do you have a Babos too?

That is… sperm. Definitely sperm.

It wasn’t as scary as UNHOLYbear, but good attempt.

That was UNHOLYbear’s fault, not mine.

Were you disappointed too?



You could… climb it or something, right?

Yahtzee can murder with the best of ’em. :badsmile:

I was kind of hoping there would be some sunlight once I exited the pit of the damned…

Well, there you are everyone, my newest update, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed playing and laughing at it.

Now… what should I do next:

  • Push on forward?
  • or… Head on back and grind a little?
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