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Pokémon Quartz #9

Phew… Hopefully the other gyms don’t have any unexpected types in their rosters.

Well, after healing up at the Pokemon Center I should backtrack a little and find the witch.

Should I start running around screaming “small porch!”?

The average running speed of a human?


Not my problem.

Justin doubles in usefulness!

If I run into any of those damnable Flying-types.

It also looks like it could be climbed or squeezed by…


That wasn’t worth it at all…

I guess I missed this little guy my first sweep through.

Teehee… I’m part of the trees.

Yes he did.

Best be careful… this witch could be dangerous… worse – she could be in cahoots with Baro.

Thanks, conspicuous rock!

So you are. (And is she laughing… or just greeting me a lot?)

Yes… it was very unsatisfactory. (I’m going to go with laughing… perhaps cackling.)

Any other clues?

I guess not. :\

That was a waste of my time… time that could have been spent getting farther away from that darn Baro-Sorcerer…

That she did not.

That looks… entirely unsuitable for this forum.

How can it judge what is ‘walkable’?

Thankey kindly Guardian.

And in he goes with the other Undesirables.

I guess this way does lead away from Baro…

A mechanic? I thought he was a Russian businessman… Is he a Russian business-mechanic?

A funky Plug-Oink?

I’ll check this direction first…

Boar Hill? That… is dangerously close to being “Baro Hill”…

Do they? I really don’t care at all…

A hill in a place called ‘Boar Hill’!? Surely you must jest.

I am a cancer on Corna’s berries…

Not quite natural, is it?

What’s the point of having a bridge one can only access going one way? I guess I have to head the way that damn Russian business-mechanic went…

If I step softly I should be able to-


Hey worthless coward.

Can’t say I share the sentiment.

Wasn’t it called a Ghost-Scope the last time we met?

I’d prefer not to, but if he gets in my way, who knows what’ll happen.

Well… if you still have the schematics you would theoretically be able to build a new one, wouldn’t you?

Well he’s not that great at hiding, is he?


Why’s that policeman just standing there? Shouldn’t he… I don’t know, be working?


I know about that, if he gets in my way I’ll beat the crap out of him! 🙂

-them with a gun?

That’s not a weapon… that’s just… sound. :\

Oh, that can’t be good.

Another pun? Really?

I gathered that from the fact that it’d collapse on him… and junk.

Then shouldn’t you be there?


No cowardly cop’ll keep me from getting away from Baro!

Sure, why not.


That’s quite odd looking.

And now it’s dead.

That’s even odder…

Quite strong, too.

No matter, they all fall in the end.

I wouldn’t know anything about that…


Well that’s nic-


Murder it, and all of it’s family, violently, of course.



That’s doesn’t make any sense at all, now does it?

:\ We just met…

You are one burly chap… Please don’t hurt me!

That is definitely some form of pillar… (But those eyes… they’re staring into my soul… :paranoid:)

I guess a Bullet Seed wouldn’t be amiss here:




Usually it’s UNHOLYbear that causes these kind of feelings.

Well you are pretty burly…

Are we telling secrets?

I’m confused…

You and that suicidal guy could be twins, y’know that?




Why is that?


I’m anticipating the worst here…

Considering what I was expecting, this is pretty decent.


Thank you for evolving TEH-PRO, you odd man.

Finally a policeman doing his job, he’s right in that-



If you don’t back off, officer, I will have to kick your ass.

That’s ugly… Well, let’s see how it deals with UNHOLYbear! :rambo:

Horrifying, I know, but some evils are necessary.


That’s almost as ugly as the last one…

Dies just as easily, though.

You’re the one who attacked me… remember?

The police in Corna suck hard.

Really!? I haven’t seen an actual cute Pokemon since I arrived in this godforsaken place… 😥

That thing’s trying to hard to be something it’s not.

Again: Why do all trainers have Male Pokemon?


Well, that’s no real accomplishment, as they’re all butt-ugly.

This is an odd place for this tree to be…



I guess I can’t go this way…


Not all hikers are that skilled, y’know…

That’s not fair… I haven’t even gone inside yet. 😥

Strange spot for a building, I have to say.

No comment…


Your officer turned his back and I cut down a tree, it was dreadfully easy.

And you’re doing nothing?

Isn’t there already noise? I’d say go ahead and risk it.

Not really…

And of course she doesn’t object when I just stroll into-

-Greenie Cave!

This place is awfully… green… :\
Well, there you have it everyone, I hope you enjoyed the read. 😀

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