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Pokémon Raptor #1


Game Freak’s gotten an upgrade. 

Damn cheap cable. 

Oh, hello there.

He got close. 

Her… I don’t mind so much.


Do… do I have something in my eye? 

Lunick and Solana are odd names.

This seems like an ‘epic music moment’ doesn’t it? 

They are mightily confuzzled!

(I took the screen a moment too soon. o.o)

Mountains are scary, I suppose… 

Not so scary, after seeing the mountain…

Ah… the sky. You could never frighten me. 

HOLY ****.

Should I be walking towards the light? 

Why must you continually betray me, sky!?

Is… is that all of them?

Apparently not. 


Oh… just the same one. I’m okay with that.

So many options… 

Who said that!? 

Where was I before…? 

Hell man, where did you come from!?

You know it’s important because ‘the’ has a capital letter. 

What about humans? 

Oh, okay.

Animal on animal violence? 

I could totally get in on that. 

I haven’t a clue… All you’ve done so far is sneak up on me, you crazy stalker-man…

Hence the ‘Professor’ title.

I kind of assumed both of those things… y’know… because there is a professor who studies Pokemon… 


Are you joking… or can you not see well?

I’d think that you – being the stalker that you are, would know at least that already…

For what exactly, stalker-man?

As long as you don’t sneak up on you again, I’m sure I’ll be just fine.


What happened to Professor Stalker?

You just murdered that thing!


I don’t know who you are, sir… How the hell should I know that? 


One lesson should be enough… 

Unless I meet any of those horrible things from before. <_<

But… I though that no one knew everything about Pokemon? 

So I get to beat small animals to death, too!?

Alright, I guess I can go with-

Oh god! The abyss… 


Did that guy knock me out…?

The SINNOH region? You don’t say…

I want the one that hurts things best! 

Ooh… pretty table…

Alright guys… do we want:



Or… Piplup!?

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