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Pokémon Raptor #2

We’re going to kick so much ass! 

You were on the right track, Mr. Silver, but he’s not nearly experienced enough to be a Commander. 

So… you’re saying that the others would have been bad choices? 

Looks like I dodged a bullet…

Did… did you just say ‘beeping’?


I gue-

And you’re back. 

Why so secretive? Wait… does this have anything to do with the nightmares where you wake up screaming, “Corna!”?

Well… if it’s anywhere near here I highly doubt it has a tropical climate. 

And don’t evade the question.

Why are you avoiding my question, Steven?


You’re sending me to Professor Stalker? 

As long as he stays where I can see him. 

I won’t promise that… I will however promise to kick ass, ‘kay? 

So does this have anything to do with “Corna”?

Damn you hands. Having your own morality and all that. 

Purple roofs, they’re all the rage in… wherever I live. 

Torabaxa and such…


…that guy is definitely insane.

Best to ignore him… 



Dude… that’s mystical and deep and junk…

I can also vouch for his skills as a stalker… 

That’s new…

Yeah, sitting at a table requires complete focus… or so I’ve heard.

Long building is long… and mysteriously empty.

See above comment. 

I own my own house! 


And AWAY we go! 

How… how do I know that it’s Route 01?

Golly gee, a Zigzagoon! 

This won’t ever get old!

Neither will this. 

Even better.


Do I go north…

Or west… 

Well… ‘west’ rhymes with ‘best’… so…


Damn rats. I want my Zigzagoon! 

It’s a dead end, but free stuff. 

I wonder how this went?

HINT: He died.

North it is then!

Things are always better when they’re nocturnal. 

I’m assuming that this Hoothoot isn’t the brightest of the bunch. 

You’ll make Sergeant yet, Twigz. 

A person standing in the grass! Outrageous!

Thanks for the advice, I suppose. 

Five finger discount! 

I told you.

No tropical climate… 

I know that was meant to be encouraging… but in reality that was very, very creepy… 

have been in a Pokemon Center before…

Why does everyone assume that I am a moron?

I wonder if anyone else ever gets the feeling that they’re in the tutorial area of a video game…? 

I don’t know… I guess I’ll go and ask him.

Hey, that kid over there wants to kno-

You’re a mean jerk, that’s what. 

It’s nice to afford things. 

This building seems a little out of place. 

It’s oddly roomy in here…


Not willingly…

But… I was just there… 

Quite the crafty stalker, he is.

My intuition is telling me that this isn’t Route 01…

Well, good luck with that, I guess… 

I wonder where I can find Professor Sta-

OH GOD! I don’t want to go back into the abyss!


You’ll have to find someone else, Professor Stalker.

Damn you body, and your stupid morality… 

I have to admit that was a satisfying ass-kicking.

Oh, acting like you don’t know me now, are you?

How did you forget everything from earlier?

As long as you don’t knock me out aga-

The abyss wouldn’t be nearly so bad if I didn’t have to wake up

Can’t argue with you there. 

Did… did anyone else here the Zelda “DooDaDoo” music?

…or was that just me? 

That’ll probably be useful…

I doubt anyone calls it a “Pokemon Encyclopedia”… and don’t repeat what I say Professor Stalker. 

But… what does the PokeDevice do, exactly?

It’s nice to see that you care…

“Amazing functions”? 

A map…

Of Torxola, of course.

And badges…

It’s emptiness makes me feel inadequate though… 

Music… I guess. 

And a checklist. 

God I’m uninteresting…

Hey jerk, look at the awesome crap I have now. 

so want to murder you at this moment…

The way is clear!

Not strong enough, I bet.

Told you. 

Oh my, indeed.

Agreed, it’s far too weak to be of any use right now.

ohai thar nocturnal burd

Welcome to the family. 

Mono suggested this, and I went with it, hoping it was female…

…it wasn’t.

Alright guys, be sure to post your suggestions for nicknames of Pokemon I’ve seen before, and those you think I’ll come across int he near future. 

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