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Pokémon Raptor #3

Oh, look what I captured:

He’s a birdy. A common birdy

Don’t judge me.

Hooters’ back sprite is large.

That isn’t going to help you.

…the hell?


ohai thar slightly less common bird

That proves how awesome Hooters is.

It’s true.

Why am I allowed to access this…?

Ah. But still. 

Sorry, I’ve already got a common bird on my death squad.

Route 01 and 21 are really close, aren’t they?


I don’t think anyone sees me…

Maybe it will be money…?

Probably not, though. 

Yes… ‘found’.

Welp… doesn’t look like I’ll be going this way. 

He’s such a cute little puppy. 

It turns and runs!?

There is no place for you on my death squad.

Oh look! Another common bird! I’ll just catch-

Mmmm… those sweet Experience Points. 

Caught this too:

Thanks, Minun. 

Errr… Shouldn’t you have given me those before I left the first time? 

Does everyone in Toraxibua think that I’m an idiot? 

Still… free crap! 

Oh you stupid rat. How I loathe you… 

Take that, I s’pose.

It is. 

You guys are pushing your luck…

Thanks, Zeta. 


Caught this:

You’ll figure it out. 

Though you probably figured it out right away.

Aww… it’s sort of cute. 

I thought it was funny…

Is this route just full of adorable things! 

I’ll have to be careful, though… I don’t want to accidentally knock it out.

Damn you Hoppip.

I don’t even care. 

People in Torxolia aren’t very good at holding onto things, are they? 

Who cares though? 

Aww, he thinks he’s people. 

level three Seedot broke out of a Pokeball…

Couldn’t repeat the trick, though. 

He’s Scottish, apparently. 

It’s McNutty’s older brother, Seamus, out for revenge!

know that you evolve into a taco duck. 

That makes everything better. 

I wonder what they’re staring at? 

I sense a plot.

It wasn’t like I was trying to be silent or anything. 

Alright, I guess I’ll just be on my w-

That bastard punched me in the face.

He will pay for his transgressions!


Ohhhhh… so it’s a magic tree.

These trees don’t look like they’re from around here…



He looks sad…

: (

Did an exclamation point just jump out of that guys head!?

Or is this just one of my episodes…?

So you know every trainer? 

Did… did the forest disappear?

Oh, Caterpie… 

Barely better. 

I’m down for anything that lets me kick ass. 

It’s another exploding exclamation mark. 

Err… there are only a handful of decent Bug Pokemon… So yeah…

Is Ledyba going to bring the pain?

Answer: No.

Answer: They sucked.

Do you guys all just say that hoping that it will apply to someone? 

Aww… a dead end.

Who loses a rope?

Oh, I caught this:

Mono wanted me to name it this for some reason.

It’s an epidemic… 

We’ll see…


You lost horribly is what.

Did… I just rob a child? 

Well… I’ll look into that, I suppose. 

Oooh! It’s a spider! I want-

I bet I’ll never find a Spinarak again, though…

And his asskicking ability tripled. 

Why do they all look the same? 

I can’t tell which was the bastard that punched me.

And is that funny birdhouse the ‘temple’?

I think they’ve gone insan-

HOLY ****!

Did I just hear a large string of ellipses?

I think you actually know more than I do. 

Insanity: Proven.

And of course it couldn’t be that he was just hiding in the birdhouse, right? 

You can tell it’s important because it’s in all capital letters. 


Two can play at that game:

Err… this is the first time I’ve heard about ‘Team Hunter’… You’re the one giving me all of the information


Are you the bastard who punched me?

My common bird is much better than your common bird.

Told you.

Everything except for meeting Professor Stalker and getting punched in the face has been okay.

If you bring more level 3 Starly’s I doubt it. 

Oh god, the abyss again. 

I did not enjoy that.

Looks like you answered your own question there. 


Should I care?

So when did you get into the birdhouse…?

That’s the abyss… it sucks.

I’m not following the plot…

How does he know my name…?

Well good look with that. 

Oh god…

Err… you didn’t go anywhere.

Poor guy is insane too. 

I probably shouldn’t leave him unsupervised…


I wouldn’t get any asskicking done that way. 

Useful item! 

Err… less that useful item.

Well, let’s see about that. 

It’s a Weedle.

No comment.

Still didn’t help him much, though. 

Aren’t we about the same age? 

Definitely, you suck.


More magic trees. 

Alright, next time I’ll head on to the next town and maybe kick some gym leader ass. 

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