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Pokémon Raptor #4

After only a couple of steps into the grass:

I want that.

You know why…

It had better work. 

And it did! 


Stop stealing my stuff, PC! 

Oh yeah, that. 

Picard is not a woman…


Are all Ralts’ female!?

I spoke too soon. 

Thank you, whoever gave the suggestion. 

How do Ralts’ survive in the wild…?

And that’s just ridiculous. 

I want more good stuff… 

Aww. It’s the weaker female version of a good Pokemon. 

And his usefulness tripled.

Or something…

Smash, Picard, smash! 

It’s… a cherry with eyes… 


Sir, why are there no people in here?

It’s very… mercurial…? 

Troaxaliagab has more insanity patients that Pokemon, apparently. 

I didn’t need to see them run out of the forest… I was the one who drove them out. 

And now you’re old. 

It’s very rewarding to watch animals beat each other to within an inch of their life. 

Couldn’t you just catch one? I was practically drowning in them right out side of town…

The people in this town are just getting more and more boring. 



She can’t be much younger than me… 

Thank god… That was the last NPC in this town.

So let’s check out the gym now…

There has to be regulations against this kind of thing…

Thanks for the help, mysterious stranger…

I think this calls for an old fashioned grinding session. 

Picard is better than you. 

You’re a persistent lot, aren’t you. 

I also killed a few of these:

Good times… 

Here’s the death squad, going into the Gym:

Murder. Just plain murder. 

I wonder… 

Will an exclamation point burst from his skull, too…?


I never pass up a chance to kick ass. 

Hopefully your next one is bette-

Yes. Yes I am.

Well… after a look at your team I have to say… no I will not.

Err… why would you think that? 

That’s… better? I guess.

Well, at least I’ll get a decent amount of experience. 

Sweet sweet experience. 

Death to the cocoons. 

Not overly. 

Damn straight. 

Oh yay… a glorified bug catcher. 

I had assumed that already. 

This guy’s gunning for Captain Obvious’ position, apparently…

Well I sure hope that you are. 

You mean “adieu”, right? 

Why… isn’t he wearing a shirt under his vest? 

I thought you were supposed to be better…? Not just have the same Pokemon, just two levels higher… 

Still annoying though… 

Now we’re sort of getting somewhere.

I don’t like this…


That was unexpected.

That… Not so much. 

You can do it Picard! 

…or not.

Hooters can do it!


Kind of close for comfort… but still…


I did, at that.

I’m just a guy who likes kicking asses. 

I’m not going to question this kind of money. 

Well… I won, so that’s obvious. 

The… Beetle Badge? 

Err… should I have that? 

Why are you giving me a TM unrelated to your type of choice? 

That makes sense… I guess.

Should I know where that is? 

Nothing else?

Alright, bye Mr. No-Shirt.

So this is where I am in Toaxalia…

And that’s where I have to go next…

Next time I’ll head out and… do whatever it is that comes next. 

And these are the ones who guessed correctly:

  • Lockmaster24
  • Zeta Dimentio
  • monkeyboi
  • HeavyOctillery
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