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Pokémon Raptor #7

Here’s a quick look at the death squad heading into the Gym:

Gaze upon their visage and quake in fear…

Is… is this all there is? 

I guess I can ask that drifter over there…

Do you have anything else for me, drifter?

Damn dull-witted drifters…

I wonder… why is this part of the floor different from the rest?

Unless I step on it, that is…


Why must everything in Torxabua lead to the abyss…

Apparently the tiles are magic…

Or Star Trek technology… 

Your parents were expecting a girl, weren’t they?

MEGATRON doesn’t care about high Defense scores. 

This’ll be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Which should only be done by trained professionals.

Still made no difference in the end. 

Oh god… more robots…

And you are going to tell me one, I suppose? 

Are you sure that you’re still talking about codes?

Yeah you’ve definitely gotten your terminology screwed up.

Is it possible to hear red…?

Nope. I’m just the milkman.

Didn’t you hear me old man? I said that I’m the goddamn milkman.

And I think this Gym buys its robots from the same company as those jerks in the factory…

Because of my death squad, that’s why. 

Why the hell was there a special lock if there were only two, unavoidable, trainers to battle…

Oh look it’s that jerk from the factory.

Though I already knew that thanks to a certain Weighty Octopus.

Why’d you just say ‘dot’ over and over again just now?

Suffice to say… I did not.

It is? 

You aren’t the plumber!? 

How the hell can you see into my bag…?

I am horribly frightened.

Oh you’d have to go incredibly hard on me to make it interesting at all. 


Oh god… my eyesight. 

You look very similar to a certain Lieutenant…

It’s Surge.

I think I have some idea of how this will go… 

I had something like that in mind. 

It’s just getting better and better, isn’t it. 

From what I remember, your Electabuzz had his ass handed to him back in the factory. 


A bit of a gamble… but you never kn-

No comment.

If you win Twigz I’ll get you that Sergeant position you’ve been gunning for… 

Screw the Speed, I’ve got Attack and Defense!

The awesomeness that is Twigz is very evident at this moment.

He’s definitely getting that promotion.

Hell yes.

Yes. That is an undeniable fact, sir.

Also money.

Real original naming there, Buzzer. 

Almost like those imaginary places Steven rants and rambles about in his journal…

That sounds…

Pretty damn awesome, actually… 

Oh, I’m going to be here for a while… I’m still waiting for this jerk to apologize for not saying a word after I saved his pitiful Electabuzz.

(Also: Mattman was the only one to guess correctly.)

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