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Pokémon Black – #1

Yeah! Intro sequence! I can’t wait!

I doubt I need to make the Dragonball Z reference here. Just look at him!

Wait – we ARE playing Pokémon right? Looks more like Final Fantasy…


Ah, so we ARE playing Poké-What the hell is he wearing around his neck?

These two never appear in the game itself, as far as I know. Yay, filler!

This image spoils the entire plot of the game! Huzzah!

This bridge is the hope of the people!

Whatever’s sleeping in there, it’s not human. Blankets don’t look like that.

Don’t try this at home.


Finally, a title screen!

Ha! English for your entertainment! Now you don’t get to see me suffer trying to read names.

Serious comment: I do not have access to Wi-Fi, so I won’t be showing any of that.

O_O I’ll go with English, thanks. I definitely don’t know enough kanji to play a full game…

AH! Who are you!
Surely you can’t be this game’s professor…You’re a woman! Pokémon doesn’t have female professors!

Ahahah…Wait, what?

Alright, so I was wrong. I’m sure she’s a really intelligent, capable woman.

You can lower your hand now… you dropped the ball already. Without moving your hand.
So she’s also a WITCH.

Hahahah, silly! That’s what NPC’s do! Nobody cares about those!

That’s more like it.

Curses, it’s the obligatory introduction sequence where the professor pretends to not know you.

On the left, a pretty-average looking guy with no redeeming qualities.

On the right, probably the most attractive female main character in the series. What’s that at the bottom of her shorts…?

Yes. But only because I don’t want to look perverted… <_<

She’s pretty pushy.

I can read this! If I could, I’d make an awesome Japanese name, but that’d look silly with all the English translations.

Apparently, my name is in bold. I’m THAT awesome.

…I called you intelligent and capable before, you know.

It’s actually Cheren, but the translators thought that name wasn’t manly enough for him. So they named him after a fish species. Good job guys!

When I was 2, I had a passion for drooling and generally not knowing what I was doing. How did he know what a Pokémon was at that age?

Also since he was 2, I bet. >_>

She looks somewhat normal and likeable!
Watch me retract that statement within the next 5 minutes.

I promise I won’t nitpick on the grammatical errors in the translation. They’re generally not too major.
Also, Mom and Dad are capitalized. This means they’re actual names. I can only imagine the many jokes I could make here! But I won’t, because none of them are any good.

Yay, counting! We finally get a main character older than 10, but they still treat him like one!

Nonsense, people in the Pokémon universe can’t count. There are no schools except Trainer Schools, so the only concepts they know are slavery and violence.
I love the Pokémon universe.




No need to shout…

But… I am in town. I’m pretty sure the main character has lived there for most of his life, no?
I take back every compliment I gave you earlier.

O_O It’s September 29th…

Thanks for reminding me what game I’m playing, I had already forgotten. <_<

I could swear I was playing a translation…

People in the Pokémon universe still pronounce their ellipses. >_>

Ha, translation!
The font may seem weird, but deal with it, nothing I can do about it.

Hello, Sorry!

She just said she’s Sorry. Pay attention, will you?

So she’s acting like a typical Pokémon protagonist. Good job, Sorry!

Hahaha, silly, Pokémon don’t fit in a box like that!
Unless she brought us three Shaymin. That’d be awesome! I bet it’s three Weedles though…

…Told you I’d take back what I said about Belle within five minutes.

Then open it. It’s really not that difficult.

How many times are you going to say that before I get to open the darn box?


Curse you game, I didn’t want to share.

I believe that’s been established already. Like ten times.

So who do we choose?

Tsutarja, the first decent grass starter since forever?
I refuse to name him Smugleaf.

Pokabu, the fifty-sixth Fire-fighting starter?
Actually I just lost count.

Or Mijumaru, the only decent water type in the game?
I’m serious, he is. I can make do without a water type though…

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