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Pokémon Black – #2

I sure did. Sorry to everyone who wanted Tsutarja – I didn’t really want to use him because I used him on a previous run, so I’d know his moves beforehand. That wouldn’t be any fun.

Boo, sharing.

Japanese! I’ll be cutting most of that out from now on.

She’s challenging me! Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

First battle! Truly, this will be a battle for the ages. A battle full of excitement, splendor, bravery and-

She couldn’t get the ball out of her bag.
What was I saying again?

Hell yeah Tackle. A move so awesome it had its power increased since the last gen.
Also, what’s with all the fancy stuff in the middle…? If I want to see my battery life, I’ll look at the indicator on the DS itself, thanks…

Four turns of Tackle spam later

What…What’s happening?


My brand new TV is wrecked, my comic book collection was shredded, and my computer was destroyed. I DEMAND COMPENSATION.
Wait, why are there pawprints on the WALLS? And where’d that gift box go?


I want to be able to do that…

He can heal his Pokémon without items or a Pokémon Center. No way am I fighting this guy.

So he has healing powers AND he can tell the future?

I’m the nervous one.


He’s going to destroy m-


It must have been his nerves. Surely.

And they ran off.
Belle never did clean my room.

When did his name change?
Oh god he has multiple identities too.

My mother is RICH!

Wait – How did you not notice her bringing the box earlier? That was like 10 minutes ago.
Did she come in through the chimney…?

Is… Is HE coming?

They ran off

Apparently she doesn’t approve of kindness. Why else would she use ‘but’…?

Yay, stuff!
I hope it’s a new TV!

Your memory isn’t exactly up to scratch, is it…?

I want to be able to do that…

So what does that do?

Yes, but what does it do?

She really is filthy stinkin’ rich if she can buy me expensive items solely because they’re my favourite colour.
Best. Mom. Ever.

Doesn’t even have a Use option…

Well, time to explore town!


So am I.

Some of them definitely are… Isn’t Muk made of 100% toxic waste?
Ash should have died ages ago.

She apologizes a lot. Get used to it!

Don’t worry, Muk aren’t native to Isshu. No dangerous Pokémon here!

Time to pay Santa a visit!

So where are the elves?

We got to nickname Mijumaru.

It’s a Pokédex. Or a cellphone.
It used to be easy to tell the difference.

Oh hey mom. Can I have stuff?

Now we’re here!

Time to learn how to catch a Pokémon…
They actually tell you BEFORE you have access to Pokéballs this time!


Ohai Gen V Rattata.

…A chill army…?
That pun was horrible, sue me.

Have fun with it.

And that marks the end of the introduction. Hurray!
Everyone subsequently walked off. Sure hope I don’t see that Cheren/Chelon/Chelen guy again…

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