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Pokémon Black – #3

Previously on Let’s Learn Japanese: Santa, He-who-must-not-be-named and that one girl no one cares about ditched me.
And now, the continuation.

Let’s take a look at this thing. Unlike the other useless items mom buys me, this one has a Use option.

This is where I am now…

And this is where I need to go next…
If it looks and feels like a city, why is it still a town…?

I’m never going to get used to that.

Ohaidere not-Rattata.

I’m never going to use this thing.

It stores food in its cheek pouches and continuously stands watch for days at a time. It uses its tail to communicate with its friends.

I’ll be posting the Pokédex entries like that cause my translation doesn’t do it for me.
How exactly does it use it tail to communicate…?

Apparently it’s a Farscape reference. Ask Yuoaman, he’s the one who wanted the name.

Yay, stuff.

He looks like his face exploded.

A smart Pokemon that bravely faces even stronger opponents, but avoids unfavorable battles.

…So basically, it fights stronger Pokémon, unless they’re stronger?

She was pretty adamant I named it after her. Have fun with the face-sploding dog!

He’s going to hunt me everywhere, isn’t he?

She’s asking if I’ve caught a lot already.

I caught an immobile rat-thing and an exploding dog. I feel rather accomplished, yes.

The useless expensive item does something!

…How did they all get a Live Caster? Belle wasn’t even allowed to leave home just a while earlier.

Hurray, progress.

So you were standing right here, yet you had to call us?

More forced tutorial.

I can’t do it if you’re all watching!
Healing my Pokémon, that is.

Pokémarts are now found inside Pokémon Centers. Further proof that everyone here is lazy.
Isshu is set in America… Is Japan trying to make a point here?

So the top guy has basic utility items…

And the bottom guy has stuff no one ever buys.

I doubt it.

Usually I’d be curious what’s going on over there. Not this time though.

This is Geechisu, the leader of Team Plasma, here to give a vague explanation of the evil plot this time around.

Basically, he said everyone abuses Pokémon by having them fight and do chores.
…So this is the first person in the entire series to have some sort of common sense?

Not approving of slavery and violence makes him the bad guy in this game, obviously. We’ll be seeing him again.

Are you here to save me from Him?

So your name is N?
Challenge: Prove to me that N is NOT based on Death Note’s Near. I have tried and failed.

And now we fight him. With our mind!

Or Pokémon, that works too…
Wait, weren’t you just telling me you agreed with Geechisu?

That was close, actually.



Stubs is awesome.


Okay, he’s leaving too. We should be okay.

Town exploration time!

Talking to these guys adds more instruments to the town’s music. That’s actually kinda nice.

These buildings exist to camouflage loading times.

See, it’s a completely uninteresting, pointless building.

There. Next time on Let’s Enslave Things, we explore this place!

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