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Pokémon Shiny Gold X – #13

Right, so, on second thought, I’m gonna put off fighting Team Rocket in Goldenrod for as long as possible.

Time to own.

I’m assuming that some ski term, but I’m not gonna bother looking into it.

Bromar tends to do that to people.

moar like:

How is that even possible? He must’ve taken advantage of me wasting my time with Team Rocket.

Don’t you dare..

Oh you *****.

Rest?!? Oh, you’re in for it now.



Dizzit just got significantly cooler.

k so i need to grind some. *heads north for a bit*

Yeah, I’m OCD about making everyone the same level.

Is he secretly a narcissistic child-grabbing pedophile that has a massive penis and likes to have sex with Cloysters and Jynx?!!?


The suspense is killing me.

…oh. Anticlimactic. What a weirdo.

Not at all. It’s quite frustrating actually.

I’d like to shove my skis between those legs

Wait, what? That didn’t even make sense.



…ooooh god he just **** all over Cindy and then ****** to *** for ***** for the third time.

Bromar is way too hot for you Jynx, stop trying.

You’re probably right.

Like what? They get caught by little children and forced to battle until they die. I don’t think that’s happened to me in a while. Not sure about you.

…Wait a second. Aren’t you the old guy from the top of Sprout Tower?



I’ve beat you before, and I’ll beat you again.


Oh. That was easy enough.

…as was that.

Unfortunately, this will be the last move Cindy ever makes on this team.

Rest in peace, Cindy.

….about 100 Headbutts and Rests later…

I f****** hate Dewgongs.

As opposed to fake whirlpools?

*slams head into desk*

Ah sweet, I get to hear my new ring tone.

Her voice is soothing, really.

Obviously, idiot. I just defeated most of ’em last episode.

Oh hey, the RAGECANDYBAR guy is no longer attempting to sell RAGECANDYBARs to potential RAGECANDYBAR consumers. Now I can progress through to Route 44 without being pestered by a RAGECANDYBAR salesman!

If you win, I will give you a *******. That’s how sure I am that you’re not going to win.


11:11. I just thought I’d take a random screen of that.

And now.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

*surfs to that random patch of grass on this route*

*about an hour and a half later*

awww! look how cute he is!

That was easier than I thought.

I’ve had the nickname in mind ever since I saw you can find Tropius on this route.


Seeya Cindy.

Well that’s an absolutely awful moveset, NumNums. Oh well, I’ll make it better with Fl-

…………I never bothered to get Fly when I was in Cianwood.

<_< *goes ALL THE WAY back to Cianwood*

This was the most tedious mission of all time.

Liar, you can’t fly to route, now can you?


…you know the drill. *grindgrindgrindgrind*

Somebody has an addiction. Kinda like how I’m addicted to the female anatomy and crack.

And we ain’t talkin’ bout that kind of crack.


Well, I’m gonna own you with NumNums and then finish this episode.


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