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Pokémon Shiny Gold X – #3

Alriiiiight looks like were in Violet City now. Time to rock.


Chow? I get that these guys are supposed to be like ancient sages, but come on.

I just whooped your ass. You shouldn’t be thanking me.


Oh wait. Totodile evolves at level 18. Damn it >_>

Why did I even take a screen of this?

You’re gonna be saying the same thing to me. I gag and bound my Pokemon.

You’re the final test? You look more like a fat business man than a sage.

Your battler sprite doesn’t match your overworld sprite at all. And your name is Li.

HUZZAH! CROCONAW (for real this time)

Has there always been two exclamation points at the end of this message? I need to be more observant.

I’m beginning to really like this thing. Maybe I WILL actually use the starter for once.


My team pre-Falkner. Epic, right?

Oh christ. You again.

What the hell? Where’d you get an EEVEE?


Oh you ******. Putting me to sleep when you have like three HP.

CHUMP. GATORADE EATS SLOWPOKE FOR BREAKFAAAST. Isn’t that what I said last time? I need a more creative OWN’D line.

And you need a more creative IJUSTGOTOWN’D line.

Dude your Pokemon were at full health WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?

Well that was lame. Onto the trainers!

Trainer 1: Abraham Lincoln


Trainer 2: Penis

Is what your mom said wh-

Okay, that’s enough, my audience will get angry at me.

Ugh guys. My computer started being weird and for some reason I lost a lot of the screenshots I took after this. Basically I beat Falkner up. It was mildly difficult due to Double Teams and the like. I then went and searched the route below Violet City until I found a new team member. I’ll be more careful and make sure this doesn’t happen again. At least it was only for the first gym, which is quite boring anyway.

Boom. The funny thing is that it’s a male Roselia. And I named it Cindy. HAHAHA

(it’s not that funny, Xephyr)

Anyway, I grinded Cindy (and she (he) like it), and got her (he) to a high enough level.

Look at Gatorade. He’s such a bro.

Anyway, time to put Cindy to the test against some trainers on our way to Union Cave.

Albert. What a stupid name.


Oh, another trainer with horrible parents.


Fishermen? This looks right up Cindy’s alley

MEGA. FREAKIN’. DRAIN. (is better than Absorb).

The fact that all you had was four Magikarp was almost as disappointing as the Cavaliers losing in the second round of the playoffs.

Hey. Guess what.

You just got destroyed by a flower.

Yeah, almost as disappointing as the Cavaliers losing in the-

I need to get over that some day. Extreme sadness =[

Is there like a clan of parents who decide to give their children horrible names and make their lives miserable? I think there is.


I think we all get the point: Cindy owns fishermen.

Your weakness is GATORADE.

Alright folks. I’ve reached a good stopping point. Next update includes Caves of the Union and Wells with Slowpokes and a gym that really BUGS me!


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