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Pokémon Shiny Gold X – #5

Alright, so, first order of business? Take out Bugsy.

To set the tone of the upcoming battle, I would like everyone to click the following link:

Anyway, let’s do this.

You’re not Bugsy! You’re a generic cooltrainer sprite!

Which is the least respected job in the entire Pokemon universe. Congratulations.

Wtf? Is that a boy or girl? Or both?



What? Gatorade, NO! It’s a freaking butterfly! You can do so much better!! Like Jynx!!!! You could totally tap Jynx’s ass!!

Alright, Gatorade’s not helping me here. Time for Trollette again.


Dang it. I hate Scythers.

Check that out. You know ima be stallin some biches out nao suhn

k, so Cindy failed there. Oh well, Gatorade’s got this.

Oh come on. Don’t heal please. He already has two swords dancessss

Dude. You’re the second gym. This is hardly an accomplishment.

Whoa! Already?! Yessss

Look at that face. It stares into your soul and says, “I’m gonna troll you”.

First Mud Slap, now Fury Cutter. There is SO much suckage coming from these gym leaders.

Trollette. She’s soooo naughty.

Alright, now time for a rematch with a certain douche..

I’m gonna be telling your mom how bad I smashed you.

…dang it, that insult is just as bad as the last one.

Holy crap I hate this Sableye.


Sorry. I overreacted. Anyway,

Wut. Fail.

You suck. So much.

Please don’t heal again. This is gonna be real close.

Wow. Um. Okay. How bout I heal up?


Hmm. The presence of random pictures is quite amusing in this episode.

…somebody’s a little psycho…

I’m a weakling? I just beat you!

…You couldn’t control a measly little Farfetch’d? God you suck.


Oh for christ’s sake. The scariest thing in this forest is Metapod.


It just called me a ****-eating ******? Jeeeez, somebody must have got their onion stick weapon thing stuck too far up their ass.

Yes. It was like three steps to the east. Such a difficult job.

Yet ANOTHER horrible move.

This will be useful on a certain fire type Pokemon I plan on getting later in the game…

Oh hey look. If you could learn Cut, I would like you more. But unfortunately, I need an HM slave.

Like that.

I get to make my Pokemon slam their heads into trees? This sounds like it’s right up my alley!

Hmmm….yeah, that’ll work.

Alright. So a few updates ago I said Flash is the worst move ever. I was wrong.

Oh look, a little kid to beat up!

Trollette just did what she does best: trolling.

Ew what a fag.

Maybe cause you’re WEIRD

….Carlos….I’ll get you for what you’ve done to these children…

It’s Carlos’s fault.

I’m running out of ideas on how to make this funny.

Why is your flashlight on during the daytime?

That’s what your mom said about my D

Holy **** Carlos’s syndicate of evil is spreading faster than I thought!

Clearly, you didn’t.

Alright, so, there’s a certain thing I want to catch for my team here.

That was quick.

He’s 71.4 pounds. What a fatty.

I like this name. A lot.

Time to buff up my team with some PUNCHES.

Alright, I grinded Dizzit for a while against wild Pokemon. Time to test him out against some trainers!

How does it feel to know you’re about to get raped?

SEVERE RAPEAGE (except for the fact that he got burned…)

Elliot. That’s such a gay name.

Dang Dizzit you’re like a magnet for status effects.

Whoa wtf since when are Pikachu actually powerful?


K so my team’s not up to par for where I think they should be. I’m gonna grind em up a bit to ~25 and then keep goin.

Carlos’s reign of terror continues to spread.

Dang guys. I’m running out of ideas for witty commentary. What do I do?


Yes. I battle….dirty

Whoa check that sexiness out. Time to go rape Whitney. I mean beat her. I mean win at a Pokemon match against her. Yeah that one.


Wait, did he just say damn?

Bahahahahaha beaten by a girl.

Yes, actually, I have. You suck. Maybe this picture will put it more into perspective for you:

Yeah. If even Bill Murray thinks you suck, you must SERIOUSLY suck.

You keep telling yourself that.

Anyway. He didn’t want to battle. Puss. Onto the gym.

Holy crap I would bang her.

Don’t be sorry. Just have sex with me.

Oh my god she has a twin!!!!

That’s what you would be saying if you banged Carlos. But not with me.


No you’re not. You’re another generic sprite.

Ew. I wouldn’t bang her. There goes my arousal.

Pfft. Clefairy sucks.

THAT is what scares me.

Alright Cindy, your job is done. Take hit and die.

NO! First a butterfly, now a cow! I’m starting to really wonder about your sexual preferences, Gatorade.

Oh god why does this always happen.

In other words, WIN.

Alright well I guess that about sums it up.

*dramatic ending to the episode*

*curtains close*

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