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Pokémon Shiny Gold X – #7

So, I loaded up Shiny Gold X. And I looked at some stuff regarding Umbreon so I could plan out how I would make him.

And then I made three key realizations:

1. Umbreon isn’t good enough for what I want him to do, and the Bold nature makes him even weaker.
2. Fearow sucks.
3. I don’t need a flying type. This is VBA for goodness sakes, I can’t just superspeed my way to a location in just a few more seconds.

Upon making this realization, I did a few things. First, I surfed east of Ecruteak.

And did that. Rage is a nickname that is subject to change.

Seeya Trollette and Umbreon.

I then needed a certain item for the next step. To get this item, I had to go get something…

I beat this chump.

And then I got that.

Which allowed me to get this.

Yeah. So, remember that Sandshrew from a long time ago that I was using as an HM Slave?

(the joke is that I supposedly misspelled Quake. Just go along with it.)

Then Rage and Quack teamed up for some training.

And so there we are. I apologize for the shortness and strangeness of this update. I’ve had a weird day and I just wanted to get this posted cause I might not be able to update for a while (we’ll see).

Anyway, that’s where we’re at now.

Until next time.

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