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Pokémon Shiny Gold X – #8

It’s been like three weeks since the last update. And the last update was really rushed and skipped a lot of key areas of the game :X Oh well. Where were we again?

The Game Corner? What the heck? Why am I here?

Oh wait. You can buy Earthquake here.


k. let’s go places and do stuff.

Shouldn’t it say Ecruteak – Olivine?

Hello, my name’s Harry Potter. I’m a sailor.

JASDLKFJASR97243590UWFJASLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLXDXDXDXDRIFKRIFKROFLROFLLMAO you got beaten by a fighting type. You are, essentially, a HORRIBLE bird keeper.


Okay, let’s continue.

I’m glad you enjoyed it

One day I just want Gatorade to take a bite out of Carlos’s arm.

A new drama being released this Fall! Battle dirty.

Ha, he’s a nerd.

How could studying help you at ALL against Quack?

how does he make da ballz float like dat?

Psychic types > psychic types?


Good, now give me milk!

…stupid Miltank.

Bill. Murray.

*abrupt end to the episode because imageshack isnt working and this is all the time I have and i again don’t feel like saving this so i can make a longer episode*

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