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Pokémon Black – #4

Alright, let’s get going!

Right after this public service announcement!

If she’s calling me, she can’t give me stuff…

Why did you have to call me if you’re RIGHT BEHIND ME?
The range of this Live Caster thing must be like, 5 yards.

But I get expensive stuff, so it’s all good.
It says Running Shoes.

Yay running.

o_O Rocks sure grew a lot since the last gen…

Hurray, stuff. Now…


That’ll do.

I also caught this.

It steals people’s belongings for fun. Even the people it stole from quickly forgive its adorable antics.

It is.

My first random trainer!

I see you like shorts.

Prove your worth Mirby!

Not bad.

Two levels for the price of one!

Useful moves are useful.

I didn’t kick him off, I swear…

Tragic deaths aside, let’s move on.

o_O Her right leg is completely twisted…


Alright Mirby, you can stay.

Rough translation: Yooterii, my Yooterrii, I love you so.

Gee, who’d have guessed he had a Yooterii…

Alright Mirby, spill. Who are you really?

Can’t go that way yet…

But I can get stuff here.

Oh god, more stalkers.

She barely even spoke, she just challenged me.
Agressive girl, this one…

My exploding dog > Your exploding dog.

Yay, dragged-out battles…

…Yes, the time between those screenshots was 7 minutes. I was basking in Stubs’ glory.

So much for that.
Also time paradox.

And she walks off in the wrong direction.
I guess she has to be behind me to stalk me…

Finally, a town!
Or a city, I don’t know anymore.

New city = New stuff.

Wh…Why did you randomly start speaking English?
Furthermore, that’s false information. Are you, by any chance, related to the ‘Advicer’?

I see no problem in accepting shady goods obtained from a suspicious man on a motorcycle, who is hiding in a dark alley.

Why is he staring at the trash so intensely?

Apparently, the Gym Leader is at the Trainers’ School.

I don’t like school, let’s go here.

So they’re not real…?


Filler screenshot to show I’m now fighting someone else.

Isn’t it fun to fight the same Pokémon over and over again?


I’m never going to use this.

It’s free.

We’re still trying to figure out why we like this name.

When angered, the temperature of the tassel on its head rises to over 300 degrees. It roasts berries in the tassel and eats them.

So it can only eat when it’s angry?

It’s like finding money.

Back to town!

Are you the Gym leader?


You, mayhaps?

How about you?

Surely it must be you.

Well, none of those were the Gym Leader, which means…

I hate school.

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