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Pokémon Black – #5

Previously on Let’s Play Pokémon Black starring Cheren as the entire cast:

I ran away.

Let’s go to this scenic area first.

Grumpy man won’t let us pass unless we have a badge.

So soothing… I even forgot what got me so scared before…

Oh. Right.


He’s asking if I’m looking for the Gym Leader.
I’m afraid to answer.

I said yes, and this happened… I knew it.

Y’know, for a guy who can heal at will, change his identity, and predict the future, his Pokémon are horribly underlevelled.

That’s not how Pickup used to work…

I missed the screenshot where he fainted. Rest assured that he did indeed faint.

He has a thief in his party. I guess I’m not surprised…

If your Pokémon are underlevelled like that, your divine powers won’t help you much. Just saying.

Hurray, my first Gym Ba-What?

Well that was strange.
I didn’t know Badges were edible…

He’s saying some stuff about me picking Mijumaru, and Grass is supereffective on that. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Hell yeah, the annoying advice guy gives you free stuff now.


Matching the pictures does nothing.


o_O Pokéballs don’t make very good food…

I don’t think dogs are allowed in restaurants.

I is smart.

This IS a Gym, right?

Unexpected switch!

Minezumi was about to unleash Bide.

Missed the screenshot of Minezumi fainting, but you get the idea by now. Stubs > Everything.

No thanks, that just wastes a turn.

I went to a high-ranking university for the sole purpose of solving intricate puzzles like this one.

Oh hey it’s that guy again.

He just split into three…
This could only be the work of one person.

I know who you really are.

So an otter, a dog, a thief, a monkey, and something that shouldn’t exist walk into a bar…

Hell yeah Stubs.

It’s a monkey with a tree on its head. I’m lost for words…

Mirby, stop sucking D:

No hard feelings Stubs, he had a type advantage.

My last hope!

You’re still not getting into my main team though.

It crushed the Oran Berry I put in there earlier…

I’m going to need that.


This is apparently Makomo, Professor Araragi’s assistant.
Which makes her an elf.

Grumpy old man now wants me to help Makomo out.

I’ll figure out what she wants me to do next time.

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