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Pokémon Black – #6

In search of something to do, I head to the place-that-isn’t-really-here.

Let’s see if this thing works.

Why can Stubs, who has nothing to cut with (not even decent arms) learn it, when Mirby can’t?
Surely Mirby could just explode with the tree…

Dren could be the new Bidoof. Wonder if he can learn Rock smash, Waterfall, and Strength too…

And Dren blows up the tree. o_O
Again, why can’t Mirby learn it?

Hey, it’s you!
Who are you again?

Noise from inside the dangerous, dilapidated, ready-to-collapse-at-any-second building, is it? I see no reason not to check it out.

See, it’s just a flying pig thing with a flower pattern. Nothing to worry about.
Wait, what? What did they brew here back in the days? o_O

I’m not the only one seeing things, apparently.

They’re saying some stuff about Munna’s dream smoke, and how they can use it to infiltrate dreams and spread word of Team Plasma.
How does Nintendo even come up with this?

And now we fight them, because they’re clearly evil.

Apart from the lame hood, the evil team’s costume looks pretty decent this time around.

A Minezumi. Haven’t seen that one before.

And the other guy!



I think that’s a girl. It’s hard to tell.

O_O That guy just teleported in here.



Geechisu scolded them because they tried to abuse Munna, and said they strive for Pokémon to be equal to man.
He’s CLEARLY evil!

They ran off.

This must be the Munna’s mother or something… either way, it’s creating a lot of dream smoke.
Seriously, Nintendo, WHY?

I didn’t really understand what she said. I’m guessing she scolded us cause we’re doing illegal things involving smoke and hallucinating though.

They ran, but left behind that thing. Then again, it might not really be there…

Apparently the Pokéball contained Dream smoke.

Forget it, I’m out of words for this.


I thought it was supposed to be rare…

If your dream is eaten by a Munna, you forget the content of the dream. It always floats in the air.

So it destroys dreams, can fly, has supernatural psychic powers, and makes people hallucinate?

It’s the only fitting name.
Curse you 5-character limit, but you get the idea.



While we’re at it, might as well store THIEF and Bobo. No use for those guys on my awesome team anyway.

Back to the hallucinating place for some stuff now.

I have no clue how to get to those stairs…

Back here, we get the C-Gear!
It rhymes.

This is what it looks like. It does stuff, and looks complicated.

I don’t have Wi-Fi. No pals for me…

This thing makes the game lag sometimes, so I turned it off. It’s not like I can use it anyway. At least you guys now have something different to look at.



Yay for backtracking.

Grumpy old man has had his tea and is finally letting us through now.

I got a whatnow?

Oh, a ‘shroom. Just what I needed after visiting those ruins…

Now we’re here!

Pokémon Day-care on the right…

Children’s Day-care on the left.
Wait, you needed a Gym badge to come here. So these kids… o_O

She’s saying she can heal my Pokémon.

Is this where HE was raised?

I’m outside now, in the playground.

I thought I boxed you…

You nearly died to a Yooterri. See why I didn’t want you on my team?


Run away child, you’re in danger here!

Now Bobo nearly lost to a two-year-old…

You seem way too happy. What has your teacher been giving you?

I’m not even going to try this one.

See that Bobo? Take a leaf out of the Mirbinator’s book.

One last kid. Take a wild guess at what he has.

If you chose tree/broccoli monkey, you chose correctly.
He had a type advantage, this victory means nothing.

Swipe his lunchmoney…

And play on the slide.

Next time on Bully: The game, a double battle!


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