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Pokémon Black – #7

Previously on Let’s Play on the slide:


Now, back to fighting kindergarteners.

And Stubs ends up killing his THIEF first, of course. Would have been faster if he hadn’t missed once.

And Stubs deals the final blow to the other THIEF as well, cause Bobo can’t do anything by himself.

I can’t move!

I sense something horrible creeping up behind me.

You’d think I’d be running by now.


He tells me to stop.
I already stopped, you froze me mid-motion.

He never even said hello.

Great work Bobo!


Bobo doesn’t look intimidating at all, so let’s get rid of this.

Nice try, but I’m still ditching Leer.
Finally, all those hours of practice with MSPaint pay off.

And he still has his THIEF, of course.

Yeah, you see, it doesn’t matter how ungodly your powers may be, they don’t help when your Pokémon are trash.

Why did we let them pass? I should really think these things through…

It’s some girl and a small child, asking if we’ve seen two men pass by.

Apparently they stole the child’s Pokémon. Stealing from a child, how could you!
All I ever stole was their money.

WE have to help her? No way.

Let me go, there’s no way I’m following that guy.

Let’s waste some time instead.

Ohaidere generic bird-thing.

It’s in its nature to listen to its Trainer’s orders, but there are times when it can’t understand difficult instructions.

I do believe it’s in every Pokémon’s nature to listen to its Trainer’s orders.

Get it, it tweets…
Blame Mirby.

It’s as fast and powerful as lightning. When Zebraika runs at top speed, thunder rumbles.

I also caught this! It sounds pretty destructive, so I’ll give it a try.

Now I’m hungry.

Harmless cave…

Or monster-infested grass…
The choice is obvious, no?


She’s saying my Pokémon feel good or something. I doubt that, after what we’ve been through.

Do your thing Oreo!

Yeah, destruction!

Oreo’s only offensive move right now is Quick Attack, so ol’ Mirbs has to take care of this one.

Yes, this is why they feel somewhat good. They get to destroy stuff.

I don’t really get why, but… Yay, stuff!

They could have given me that BEFORE I entered the immensely long patch of grass, but no…

I don’t have anything left I can waste time with.

It’s literally called “Opening of an underground water vein”, but that’s too long, so now it’s not even an underground river anymore, just some wet ground.

They’re saying some stuff about how that child was abusing her Pokémon, and they just saved them.

This has to be the most evil gang in any Pokémon game to date.

Now with 60% more zoom!

Apparently He beat the other guy, but there’s more!

Ah, a double battle. No worries, I’ll just send out Bobo and-





Okay, Stubs managed to secure a victory.
But was I REALLY calling the shots?

Okay, we got the kid’s Pokémon. I think.
I’m still a bit dazed…

Those memories will haunt me my entire life.

It lives in dark forests and caves. It emits ultrasonic waves from its nostrils to map out its surroundings.

I caught this furry bat. It sounds like your average bat.

It is.


Hmm. That looks suspicious.

I walked into it and found this.

Its drills, which evolved to steel, have the power to pierce through an iron plate. It excels at constructing tunnels.

So it’s just a mole, but stronger.

It’s a mole that jumped out of the ground to attack me. I’d say it’s a fitting name.

Ah, daylight. I’ve been stuck in that cave for two whole days, just check the clock.

Yes, yes, I’m a hero to kindergarteners around the world. So is the Cookie Monster, so it’s not much of an achievement.

I went through all that to get a single crappy Heal Ball?

One explanation of a Heal Ball later, we continue on.

Next time on Let’s Play Sesame Street: The game will finally become more fast-paced.

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