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Pokémon Quartz – #50

Fitting, no?

Oh god, I just sent a being of pure chaos to the interne-

It probably won’t change ****.

So apparently there was lava down here before the Chaos God showed up? The hell is wrong with this place? We’re only like thirty feet below the surface at most.

…and the sun is still shining.

I’m not sure I even want to know anymore.

…the hell? They couldn’t wait to see if I was still alive before rushing away… thanks guys – you’re really helping to endear this place to me.

I think it used itself or something, I didn’t even take it out of my damned bag.

…did this happen ten minutes ago or ten years ago? I can’t really tell with that horrible tense issue there.

I would prefer if other people knew that I just risked my damned life to save this godforsaken region.

So apparently there’s a ‘big island’ with white ground that is good for growing trees…?
Sure, why not?

Free samples, you’ve got to love them.

So that’s one point in favor of this town and… err… 1237 points against.

I doubt I’ll be swinging by for future visits.

Those trees are always worried about safety, y’know.

I just took down the damned GOD OF CHAOS and you’re telling me I’ll have trouble beating some chick who locked herself in her gym to escape the sun. Yeah, not likely.

And it wasn’t even the normal God of Chaos, it was the Cornian God of Chaos, which is like six of the vanilla variety…

You’re welcome.

You’re welcome, again.

The legend about the God of Chaos that could make the sun expand…?

Probably not.

Yeah, thanks for making sure I was alright…


Why, exactly, should I do that?

That’s a decent reason… I guess.

And apparently Kawa’s a Vulcan, wonderful…

Y’know, I’d really rather-


Good to know I can once again open doors…


Subtle, Advicer, subtle…

…oh joy.

Damn! I forgot my pacience at home.

Not really, I can see fairly well.

Well, I do know how to operate a flashlight.

…PokeNinja… not ridiculous in the slightest…


I’m bad at fooling myself…

A Sever? Can’t say I expected something quite so… so… err…



You aren’t going to elaborate, are you?

And that’s perfectly safe, I imagine.

Thanks, I guess.

Oh god, why?

It’s a good thing all of the nerves in my ass died long ago or that would have been excruciating.

Subtlety is not her specialty.

Makes sense…

…in no way whatsoever…

Aren’t gyms supposed to get progressively harder?

Really? Because I thought it was hilarious.

Thanks for the encouragement.

…this man has apparently pinpointed the sea’s center and stood upon it. I am impressed.

Or he did no such thing and I’m a sarcastic ass.

Really? The Horror goes out of its way to make people kid puppets? The Horror sure is a swell guy.

Apt, I suppose.

I guess I did.

One word – flashlight.

Take that.

Oh Imakuni, I never understand why you’re anywhere…

…or why you insist on fighting me all the time…

…or why you make silly decisions…

Yeah, sorry about that.


Hearths aren’t known for being very social – what with being a fireplace without the ability to move and all that.

They’ll do that.

However beautiful it is I think you should probably get a house of your own… living in a gym is creepy.

Training your Pokemon in a gym helps you paint?

That was perfectly normal and not creepy in the least…


Sure, why not? Whatever the hell this ‘challenge’ is…

What about Baro? Or a Baro-salesma- oh god no.



I have a bad feeling I know what those dolls look like, and I don’t want to test it…

You must be one of those Cornian motivational speakers that encourages kids to leave school and do drugs instead.

I have no idea how something built like that can stand on tiny feet like that.

…seven dollars?

I’ve already seen reality and do not much care for it…

Oh god.

..why is my ear bleeding now?

Yeah… an old friend of mine… his name was Sanity.

We were like two peas in a pod, we were inseparable…

…then Corna happened…

Cool, I’m Steven; I’m here to kick your ass.

Sadness and tears are not related, apparently.


I don’t have any intention of finding out how she plans to feel the inside of my heart.

Wow, she looks almost like a person… it’s only to bad I don’t care at all.

I forgot… what is the opposite of a smart choice?


TEH-PRO died as he lived… poisoning birds.


Dodge that, you damned bird.

Yahtzee won’t stand for this insolence in her court!

Well, she’s not exactly… err… standing, right?

Alright! We’re back on track, thanks to Roco.

****ing hippo-mole-thing…

But everything works out when TEH-PRO’s in the room.

It looked like a blow-up purple tiger, how could I not poison it?

I still want to know how the hell this works…

It didn’t want to stay poisoned…

**** yeah, Roco!

Dammit Roco, you can have all the naps you want later!

Brrrd’s never let me down…

And it looks like he isn’t going to start-


I don’t know if that’s supposed to be incredibly deep or incredibly moronic…

If I know Corna though it’s probably the latter.


There probably won’t be a reward, though…

Oh great, my badge case is crying now.

Because I definitely want to be the master of many powerful Cornian Pokemon…

Is it Whine-Until-The-Enemy-Leaves Wave?

…if I use it at all.

Yeah, I guess there might be some way out of the region at the League.

Oh god I hope there is…

How observant of you.

Everyone in this gym thinks that they’re a ****ing poet now.

…when did I ever say I wanted to be a Pokemon Master? I just want to get the hell away from Baro…

…and you.

Only one more stop in this region before I can get out…

…at least I pray there’s only one.

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