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Shiny Gold X – #18 and #19

Episode 18: The Fag 4 – Part 1
After the mindless **** involving Dragon Dens and the like (which I didn’t take any screens of, sorry ), I decide its time to get some real **** done. And by that, I mean going to the elite four…

Shut the hell up, lady. Anyway, it’s time for some BATTLES AND STUFF

What the hell am I even supposed to talk about here anymore? You guys all know the drill.

Random houses in the middle of nowhere? Why did I even take a screen of this?

I’m losing my touch, guys D:

Not exactly sure why I took a screen of this either, so I’m going to distract you all from how not-funny this is by posting a cool looking picture of raccoons:

She’s secretly just trying to get me to stay so she can get in my pants.

Depends on what you need help with.

Evil Pikachus

^nuff said

You *****! This is trickery! Deceit! Murder!!! Well, actually, there’s no murder here. Irrelevant.

Oh you dirty little ****. Do I have to battle or something now? Good god.


It’s not that funny calm down god damn

Not if I kill your ass first

What are you talking about?! You just stole my badges!

Actually, all I do is win. Kinda like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGXzlRoNtHU

Yes. Hand to hand combat.

Next person that calls me a kid gets killed. Swear to god.

Oh…you wanted a Pokemon battle. Well this is lame. I’ll win this too though.


Well that was rather painless.

I just creamed you with my BIG.LOAD

I hate people that have a common name but have it spelled differently.

Even though my name irl is Bryan.

So I shouldn’t be talking.

*runs away*

What a dumbass. Moving on.



Damn straight. No more obstacles, it’s just me and the Elite Four now. Time to do th-

Are you serious right now? A big ass CAVE? Why is Johto such a cruel place to me?

Grass? In the big ass cave? What the hell?

Spoiler alert: I’m using Parasect in the sequel to this LP.

Therefore, love<3

Bears. I love bears.

Especially pedobear.

Actually, I never understood that meme.

Nor will I ever.

Oh god this just got SO hot.

I can just imagine Jynx flying through the air at her opponent.

Her perky little boobs flopping around.

She slams onto the enemy…preferably a Tangela cause I’m into tentacles.

And then they make love.

And pure joy and sexual ecstasy ensues.

I wish I could feel the utter sexual bliss that they would feel.

Because I never will.

No one ever will.



So I looked up the levels of the trainers in the Elite Four and stuff. And they scared me.

So after ~1.5 hours of grinding, we arrive at my final team for the Shiny Gold X Let’s Play. Here it is. Bask in its glory:

It’s time to do this.

I would just like to take this time to thank everyone for inspiring me to do this.

Except Yuoaman, because he has a weird ass name.

Wow, you kind of look like a douche bag.

Wow, he is definitely a fag.

Which is why I’m officially calling these people the Fag 4 now.

BIG.LOAD is doing some work.

Come onnnn NumNums! Do something useful for once!

Oh ****.

Once again, Tropius proves to be absolutely useless.

But I love him all the same ❤

Flatulence, on the other hand, is still an absolute boss.

Bromar doing work.

This is all going quite smoothly.

Yeah, we all know Quack has swagger.

Except for this weird cosplayer. I mean seriously.

Oh. Well darn it.

THAT. Is the question.

Now suck Bromar’s ****, enemy Jynx!

Bromar’s orgasm was so explosive that it made the Jynx faint.

And now an epic picture to build dramatic tension for the next episode.

Episode 19: The Fag 4 – Part 2

Good lord, it’s a guy surrounded by trees that are clearly not supposed to be mixing with these tilesets.

I thought ninjas were supposed to be cool.

^like that. THAT is cool.

Sounds like you’re gonna rape me…

All three are possible prerequisites to rape…

Yep. Rape.

God I hate Forretress. It thinks it’s so cool setting up hazards and exploding and ****. Well you know what? You suck now, because Game Freak made Ferrothorn, and Ferrothorn is better than you will ever be.

This is one of those situations where living is preferred, Bromar.



The Venusaur freezes in sheer terror.

Oh god oh man oh jeez

****. If I have to spend multiple painful hours trying to kill you, I’m gonna be SO pissed.

Oh you dirty skank.

(as usual) Flatulence comes through!

Now, everyone, prepare for utter rage:

Luckily, NumNums has Magical Leaf and can, therefore, hit the bastard.


Oh good god. NumNums is destined to fail in every aspect of life.


*falls into coma*

This is a bad situation for you to be in, Muk.


(insert obvious sex joke here)


Damn straight. I’m not afraid of anything. Kinda like the old lady in this timeless children’s book classic:

I will what?

These Fag 4 members…I’m tellin’ ya…

Alright NumNums…this is your chance for redemption. You’re my BEST ANSWER to fighting types. CAN YOU COME THROUGH?


Screw you, Tropius.

(after about 4 minutes of spamming hypnosis+dreameater)

Well jeez, this has been a cakewalk so far.

…Not that I expected anything different.

You know, I’m contemplating making a joke about the lava, but Yuoaman already made a joke about that in his Quartz LP.

So it would seem like I’m copying him.


Wait, why is that amusing?

…How did you find out that I’ve experimented with men?!

…Oh, you didn’t know that.

Well this is awkward.

(Disclaimer: I have never experimented with men in real life in any way, shape, or form. This statement is only to enhance the immature humor that is widely present in this LP.)

I love WOMEN’S GENITALS (trying to make it straight in here again).

…Yup. It’s officially straight in here again.

Okay, I swear, every member of the Fag 4 has extremely bizarre sexual innuendos present in their pre-battle comments.

Or maybe it’s just me.

****. The wall of all walls. The sponges of all sponges. The stone of all stones.

..I’m running out of things to describe Umbreon as…

Let’s look at Jessica Alba again.

Yep. There we go.

When in doubt, flinch hax. The golden rule of Pokemon.

Youuuuu *****hhhhhh

Hey, guys, do you smell that?

That’s the smell of Bromar coming in to kick some ass.

Let me give you guys a simple mathematical formula here. Bromar

Plus Flamethrower

Equals dead Shiftry.

Alright NumNums. Here’s your second chance at redemption. CAN YOU DO IT?

Oh god. Looks like he’s failed once again

What’s this?! HE SURVIVED?!

This might just be the most epic picture of this entire LP.

Besides this one, of course:

All I gotta do is kill this little black bird and I’m home free!

Oh hells yes. I’m da winnar!

That’s right, you sick, exhibitionist, bondage-loving *****.

Which is why I’m using Tropius.

To very little effect.

Damn straight, woman.

Oh god. One more episode folks. You could cut the tension with a knife.

And that. that also cuts the tension.

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