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Shiny Gold X – #?

Episode ?: The Episode Where I Revisit the Shiny Gold X Let’s Play And Beat Clair Through Enormous Amounts of Awesome Flatulence

Um, okay. I don’t even think I remember the controls anymore. WASD?

You know, who the hell put these here, and where does that guy get off?

You know, it really grinds my gears when random men just go and set boulders in a house full of Pokemon trainers in an attempt to hinder the Pokemon trainer. What’s the point? What does he gain from this? Is he trying to advertise against Pokemon battles in a building that advocates Pokemon battles? What is the goal here? And now we have nothing we can do except force our Pokemon into unfair labor, which probably defies some of the labor laws in place in today’s constitution, by making them move these boulders, which is probably very taxing and is definitely very cruel.


Manliness incarnate.

Oh for the love of GOD this sucks.

Hmm, I wonder what a really fast ice type can do against this slow, frail dragon type?

That. That is what really fast ice types do against slow, frail dragon types.

<.< Healing required. (little did I know I’d have to redo the boulder puzzle >_>)

No, you are the world’s best sucker of ****. Are you the one that put the boulders in here? Christ.

Then why aren’t you a member of this Elite Four, miss boulder pants?


So, do you listen to A-ha?

The sexual innuendos present right now are both alarming and amusing.

You know, it’s times like these that make me fear for my life. Let’s raise my spirits with this cool picture of a kangaroo:

Haven’t I killed like 11 of you already? You’re old news.

Rape, Pillage, Plunder!

Hey, that thing kinda looks like a kangaroo if you turn your head a little bit and close one eye and look through a kaleidoscope.

Well that’s not exactly what I wanted to happen. Curse you, Floating Kangaroo!

Here it comes.

^I’m not sure what the **** that is. I’m going with it.

Floating Kangaroos = ******s

That’s what I’m talking about. After all, I’m fairly sure alligators > kangaroos in the wild, right?

Unless it’s him. You don’t mess with that son of a *****.

Blasphemy! This isn’t going well at all.

That’s how my ass-gas rolls, *****.

Anything with king in its name HAS to be badass.

^ case in points. I’m screwed.

Dang it. I hate it when Hypnosis misses.

Let’s try this again, cause I don’t have a chance at beating that thing with anyone else.

That’s better.

*approximately twenty turns of eating dreams and stuff with the Kingdra using Rest a lot later…*

Are you joking, ho? You must be trippin’ on LSD or somethin’

What is this, the Karate Kid? Why am I going into mysterious “dragon dojos”

We all know how those karate kids turn out…

DRAGON FANG? OH GOD…what’s a Dragon Fang?

For the love of god, this LP will NEVER see its end.


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