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Super Mario Sunshine – #3

Title is referring, of course, to the LPers curse, which ran rampant in this video.

Uploading this on monday, just cuz I feel like it. I’ll still be sticking to weekends only otherwise.


Super Mario Sunshine – #2

Because I am definitely NOT starting off on the right foot.

Seriously, these recording issues are sooo annoying. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’ve had a lot of trouble figuring out what’s going on with movie maker. It plays the wrong parts of the video at the wrong time, so if I cut out 5 seconds of the video, and speed it up, it speeds up a completely different part of the video once I’ve published it. As you can see, it really screwed this video up, where I was trying to speed up the unimportant stuff, since I went a minute over time. I did a pretty good job, after like 30 minutes of editing. Then, I published the video, and it sped up the completely wrong parts. Nothing I can really do about it at this point, sorry.

Super Mario Sunshine – #1

Yeah, I didn’t exactly tell anyone that I was going to be doing this, but here it is!

The title is quoting BikdipOnABus’ song from the end of his LP. It seems that he was just suspended for no reason, so gather up the pitchforks and torches! It’s time to storm youtube’s email again!

I apologize for the horrible audio… in fact, I wouldn’t ever watch an lp with quality this bad, (hopefully you’re not as picky as me) but it’s the best I can do without spending another hundred + dollars on new equipment (I’ve already spent $150 on this.)

Oh, and I’m only going to be uploading on weekends. I can’t find very much time to record, because I have to have my TV obscenely loud, so it bugs my parents… meaning that I only record when I’m the only one home.
It should be ok though… I mean everyone else only uploads on weekdays, so this gives you guys something on the weekends too.